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Water Mitigation in Laconia Starts with Our Roof Tarping Services

5/24/2023 (Permalink)

Roof Tarp From Sky View We aim to restore your property as quickly as possible, “Like It Never Even Happened.”

Area Homes Need Water Mitigation After a Bad Storm

Spring weather can range from a gentle pattering on your Laconia home's roof to raging, windy storms capable of knocking over trees and causing other destruction. SERVPRO's water mitigation team is always ready to start undoing the damage caused by bad weather.

Many times, when working with property owners in Laconia who need water mitigation work, we start with covering their home's roof. Tarps prevent any future rain from getting inside the residence. Insurance adjusters typically require this protective step because substantial (and unnecessary) damage can more easily occur without a protective tarp.

Industry guidelines recommend that a tarp covers a roof for no longer than three months. We do our best to have most, if not all, of the preparatory work done long before this period. Other mitigation tasks we do after a storm include:

  • Extraction of moisture,
  • Cleaning and sanitization, and
  • Performing minor repairs.

Storm moisture gets in through the roof, dampness in the air (windows), or via lower levels where water can seep in. Basements are prone to this, although the water can evaporate and migrate to other areas of the structure. We use air movers, heaters, desiccant machines, and other equipment to dry your home's interior.

Rainwater might seem clean, but it can wash debris into your home from the outdoors. We get this all cleaned up, and where needed, use disinfecting agents to ensure cleanliness for your family's safety.

Mitigating damage after a storm can involve making minor repairs. We can board up windows or doors with cracked or broken glass, move furniture off soaked carpeting, remove wet, damaged materials to prevent the spread of water, and much more.

Our goal with mitigation tasks is to reduce the total cost of recovering after a disaster, regardless of how large or small. Call SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518.

Handling Intricate Fire Damage Restoration in Laconia

4/25/2023 (Permalink)

soot in hallway Call SERVPRO at (603) 527-2518 for assistance from a professional remediation company.

SERVPRO Carefully Plans Clean-Up After Laconia Fire Damage

Fires are much more common than you may think. While you take every precaution to protect and fireproof your Laconia home, disasters can still strike. In the aftermath of such a catastrophe, having a knowledgeable fire damage restoration specialist makes all the difference during the recovery phase.

Fire damage restoration in Laconia homes can be complex, as the aftermath always leaves homeowners with a mounting list of tasks. Regardless of the size of a fire, the damage is likely due to factors ranging from smoke residues to strong odors. Smoke damage is rarely contained to a single room or floor. SERVPRO treats every fire situation uniquely because many variables impact and determine the outcome. We are well prepared to tackle what needs to be done immediately to stop further damage.

The recovery process entails:

  • Evaluating what is burned, soaked, or soiled
  • Mitigating damages
  • Assessing any risk from exposure to hazards
  • Cleaning to remove smoke damage

Our teams secure the property with tarps and boards. We determine the scope of the damage, catalog areas of the property that require the most attention, and identify contents permanently damaged during the incident. After the assessment, we create a restoration plan to clean up your property to its preloss conditions. 

Content and Structure Restoration

Our crews perform testing to determine the right product to use on each item. We use environmentally friendly products for all restoration and cleaning processes, steadily removing soot from all restorable items. The cleaning product and method used depend on the physical properties of contents since things like kitchen utensils, clothing, and draperies vary.

Several methods are used to clean items in a fire loss:

  • Wet cleaning is effective for dealing with moderate to heavy residues
  • Dry cleaning is used to remove excess residues before wet cleaning
  • Foam cleaning, appropriate for light residues or delicate materials

Fire damage restoration may seem long and hard, but SERVPRO of The Lakes Region can ensure that your home receives the care and attention it deserves. Call us at (603) 527-2518. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

You Need Professionals to Deal with Fire Damage in Laconia

3/30/2023 (Permalink)

Firefighter looking at an active fire in a kitchen Fires in Laconia can happen quickly and often without any warning. Contact our SERVPRO team to help during this stressful time.

SERVPRO Manages Restorative Action for Fire Damaged Laconia Homes 

Restorative cleaning by trained and experienced professionals can save you a lot of money on fire damage claims in Laconia. While replacing or resurfacing fire damaged items can be costly, cleaning and restoration services are usually only a fraction of the cost. 

SERVPRO technicians use industry-leading technology to clean and restore the structure and components after fire damage to your Laconia property. Our scientifically developed principles and elements of cleaning aim to restore the materials to preloss condition and lessen the expense of the fire claim. The goal is to repair the damage “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO’s Elements of Cleaning 

SERVPRO technicians keep the fire damage restoration process in your Laconia home efficient and straightforward. We aim to remove the smoke and soot residue as efficiently as possible without causing harm to the surfaces involved. SERVPRO technicians use several techniques based on the following four elements of cleaning to accomplish this goal:

  • Using temperature: Heat increases the speed of the chemical reactions in cleaning products. The technicians select appropriate temperatures depending on the type of the solution and the material being cleaned. 
  • Using agitation: In some cases, the smoke and soot residues can form strong bonds with the surfaces that need mechanical agitation to dislodge. The restorers use towels, brushes, water, air pressure, or even sonic vibrations to provide required mechanical agitation to dislodge soils and char.
  • Using chemical action: Professional products react chemically with the soils to alter their structure and weaken the bonds with surfaces. Technicians select the proper products based on the desired action, such as bleaching, oxidizing, dissolving, or digesting.  
  • Using time: Time plays a crucial role in restorative cleaning. The amount of dwell time needed by professional products varies significantly with the soil and surface involved. 

Methods Used in Restorative Cleaning 

SERVPRO technicians utilize several methods to clean a wide range of structural components and contents after fire damage. Regardless of the method, we always care for the customer’s personal property. Here are some of the techniques that we routinely use to clean fire damaged homes:

  • Dry cleaning: As the name suggests, this method involves the application of light agitation using dusting clothes and brushes without applying any product. It is a method of choice if the residue is light and non-greasy. 
  • Wet cleaning: More aggressive than the previous method, this method often involves using professional agents that may or may not be water-based. The item being cleaned is thoroughly saturated in the solution. 
  • Spray and wipe: Although it is a variation of the wet cleaning method, it does not involve surface saturation with an agent. The product is lightly sprayed on the surface and wiped clean with a towel. The restorer has better control over the amount of product applied.   
  • Abrasive cleaning: These methods involve applying agitation to the surface being cleaned. Restorers have different methods of rubbing or agitating residues from the surface. Technicians routinely use abrasive media such as steel wool or scrubbing pads. 
  • Immersion cleaning: It is an effective method only if the cleaned item can withstand being submerged in liquid. In some cases, the restorers also use high-frequency sound waves to provide abrasion during immersion cleaning. The ultrasound waves produce millions of tiny bubbles that implode, creating microscopic jet streams that provide focused agitation. 

Irrespective of the size, We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, and SERVPRO is dedicated to helping you when you need us the most. Call SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518.

Laconia Deserves Top Quality Water Damage Mitigation Service

3/30/2023 (Permalink)

Water damage on a white kitchen floor Water damage in your Laconia home gets immediate attention from SERVPRO’s professionals to lessen the damage to the structure and contents.

Why do Laconia Homeowners Trust SERVPRO with Water Damage Restoration?

Restoring water damage to your Laconia home requires skill, experience, and expertise that not all restorers possess. SERVPRO has earned the trust of homeowners thanks to the consistently high-quality service we provide. 

While SERVPRO never claims to be perfect, our systematic action plan for handling water damage at Laconia properties has saved our customers time and money. Our highly trained and Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified professionals have developed a process to tackle water issues, big or small, that yield consistent results. Our technicians work hard to have your home restored “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO’s Water Restoration Process 

SERVPRO technicians of Laconia have spent a lot of time and resources developing a streamlined restoration process. The process is divided into four distinct phases:

  • Project initiation: During this initial step, SERVPRO’s crew completes a walk-through of the damaged property and identifies the customer's priorities. The technicians carry inspection kits containing moisture meters, laser measures, and other inspection tools. Technicians also take 'before' photos during the initiation phase of the restoration process.
  • Project plan: The planning phase involves defining the full scope and the type of services required for restoration. The technicians collect moisture readings to determine the location and extent of moisture saturation during this step. The damages observed are then categorized into preexisting, primary, or secondary damages. If required, technicians establish a drying plan and a controlled demolition plan. We always keep the customers in the loop during this phase of the restoration process. 
  • Project execution: It is perhaps one of the most critical steps of the entire restoration process. The restorers formulate a production work cycle consisting of the various activities to get the job done. Once the resources are allocated to the expert team, they begin the restoration work. Equipment such as pumps, extractors, dehumidifiers, and air movers are used to achieve the drying goal determined in the planning phase. 
  • Project close-out: After completing the scope of the work, the SERVPRO technicians conduct a final review of the project, ensuring that drying and restoration goals are met. 

Equipment Used in Water Restoration 

SERVPRO IICRC-certified technicians use several pieces of restorative equipment in your water damaged Laconia property. The equipment used can be classified into the following broad categories:

  • Inspection devices: Technicians use these devices to locate the areas of the structure where water has intruded. Some of the devices used for this purpose include moisture sensors, thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters, and thermo-hygrometers. 
  • Extraction equipment: Restorers use these pieces of equipment to remove standing water from the structure. Various factors determine the type of extraction equipment used. Restorers routinely employ extraction tools such as truck-mounted extractors, light wands, deep extraction tools, and submersible pumps. 
  • Air moving equipment: Technicians use this type of equipment to enhance the rate of evaporation. Air is blown across the wet surface with air movers, which removes the cold saturated boundary layer, speeding up evaporation. 
  • Dehumidification equipment: Our restorers use various dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture from the air and lower the humidity ratio. With dehumidifiers removing the water from the air, the evaporation increases. We use both refrigerant and desiccant types of dehumidifiers.  

We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, and SERVPRO is committed to providing the best possible service to homeowners in Laconia. Call SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518 with any questions.

Professionals Can Safely Handle Mold Damage in Laconia

3/30/2023 (Permalink)

Mold damage on a white wall If you find mold damage inside your Laconia home, do not hesitate to call SERVPRO.

How Can SERVPRO Help Laconia Residents After Mold Damage? 

Mold damage to your Laconia property can spell disaster. If not, you are not proactive in seeking professional help. Trying to deal with the damage on your own is perhaps the worst plan of action. The microscopic spores can also spread throughout the structure if you don't have the right equipment.   

Professionals like SERVPRO have the necessary training, equipment, and experience to remedy mold damage in your Laconia property safely and efficiently. We rely on the guidelines provided by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) during the remediation process. SERVPRO understands that microbes and their spores are an integral part of our indoor ecosystem and hence complete eradication of mold is impossible. However, through professional cleaning, we ensure the reduction of microbes and implement measures to prevent their growth after the cleaning process is complete. 

Mold Remediation Work Procedures

SERVPRO uses the IICRC S520 Mold Remediation Guidelines to develop a restoration strategy in your Laconia property. The process involves multiple steps, and a typical cleanup takes less than a week to complete. Our goal is to restore your property “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO technicians consult with the homeowners before formulating the strategy. A typical remediation plan involves the following- 

  • The first step is usually a thorough pre-remediation inspection to ascertain the worksite conditions and extent of the microbial contamination. Technicians consider various factors, including accessibility, logistics, staging areas, traffic flow, and safety issues. 
  • Setting up containment is the next step that prevents the spread of the spores to unaffected areas of the structure. Technicians erect containment barriers using 6-mil polyethylene sheeting to separate areas with microbial damage of unaffected regions. The containment areas are equipped with Air Filtration Devices (AFDs) and negative air machines (NAMs) to prevent the spread of microbial spores through exhausted air. 
  • Porous building materials with contamination such as drywall, insulation, and ceiling tiles are often removed and discarded. SERVPRO technicians prevent the aerosolization of spores during these controlled demolition processes. Our AMRT applied microbial remediation technicians carefully remove contaminated material with razors and knives rather than tearing them to avoid generating bioaerosols. 
  • Restorers use wire brushes with simultaneous HEPA vacuuming to catch microbial spores as small as 0.3 microns, to remove visible growth. 

The Role of Antimicrobials in Mold Damage Restoration

The IICRC S520 guidelines suggest that the physical removal of microbial growth and spores should be the guiding principle of mold remediation. However, the IICRC acknowledges biocides' role in the remediation process. Antimicrobials can suppress or retard future microbial growth if properly used and applied. 

SERVPRO uses antimicrobials in the suggested capacity in the IICRC S520 guidelines. We use the following principles when using biocides in mold remediation:

  • Technicians use biocides only after the visible contamination is cleaned physically.
  • We only use EPA-approved biocides. 
  • We always debrief the customer about the antimicrobial being used 
  • Our technicians apply the biocides according to the regulation guidelines and label directions 

Even if the contamination is light and may not require cleanup with an antimicrobial, it can become a full-blown disaster if left untreated. SERVPRO technicians work hard to restore your home to preloss conditions as quickly as possible and protect you from the potentially disastrous effects of fungal contamination. 

If you suspect that your Laconia property might have contamination, call SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518; We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Hire Professionals for Mold Remediation in Laconia to Ensure Effectiveness

3/29/2023 (Permalink)

Notice of Mold Remediation Sign Call SERVPRO for the help you need.

SERVPRO Skillfully Conducts Mold Remediation in Laconia Homes

Mold remains to be a thorn in the flesh for most homeowners throughout the country. When you notice mold, you need a plan for fast action for cleaning up. Also, the team of professionals you hire to handle the mold remediation process must be able to instill confidence in you that they have safety in mind and lengthen their homes’ durability.

When needing mold remediation in Laconia, SERVPRO can assure you of safety and effectiveness. Some of the factors that make us the right choice regarding remediating mold in homes include:

  • A 24/7 emergency response.
  • Trained professionals to carry out a prompt assessment of mold infiltration.
  • We employ industrial-grade equipment like air movers, dehumidifiers, and water extractors.
  • Our effective method is to contain the areas affected and remove the contaminated materials.

Mold remediation is the combination of the processes followed to stop harmful mold growth. At SERVPRO, we include in this process such steps as mold testing, mold removal, demolition of severely affected structures, sanitization, containment, and cleaning of affected yet restorable items.

To contain the spread of mold to other areas, SERVPRO has a variety of control strategies. In administrative controls, we identify affected areas and then restrict access to them while also avoiding activities generating aerosols via dust suppression. On the other hand, engineering controls involve such steps as ventilation of infested areas and employing heavy equipment that has sealed positive pressure and air-conditioned cabs with filtered units for air recirculation to protect our workers.

A vital step in SERVPRO’s process usually involves preventative recommendations. We advise homeowners to follow these steps to avoid mold growth in the future.

When detecting mold in their homes, wise property owners should contact SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518 for a fast and efficient restoration process. We can make the mold infestation seem “Like it never even happened.”

Work With Trained Restoration Experts in Laconia During Water Damage Mitigation

2/22/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment on the Lawn For any type of water damage in your property you can count on SERVPRO to help.

SERVPRO Uses Air Movers Correctly During Water Damage Cleanup in Laconia

Water damage mitigation services aim to offer hope and return your property to its preloss state after the aftermath of the disaster. For the job to be done right, it means the restoration experts need to use appropriate restoration techniques at the right time so that nothing goes wrong. The process of drying your water-damaged property is very crucial, and it also starts by choosing the right approach.

Our SERVPRO technicians can perform water removal from your Laconia property since they understand the principles behind drying, such as air movement, moisture evaporation, and dehumidification. If, for instance, we run air movers at the wrong time, something can go wrong and impact the outcome. We consider the following factors before we start the water removal process:

  • Level of contamination
  • Availability of residues
  • The mold situation

We have to determine the water source before using air movers to dry the structure. For instance, when dealing with sewage contamination, we start by sanitizing the site to contain any microorganisms that might be present. We do that to avoid the possible spread of the contamination.

Our SERVPRO technicians remove any present dry dust from the building before turning on the air movers. It is common in basements where dry debris accumulates in various locations, which might not be necessarily affected by the water damage incident. We can achieve that through High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration or vacuuming.

In instances where it takes time before the water extraction process starts, there are chances of mold growth. Mold spores are normally invisible to the naked eye, so you might miss them if you are not a professional with the right experience. Our team does not run air movers in such cases since it might spread the contamination, so we may decide to contain the area using negative air pressure and set up a 6-mil pol barrier. We also ensure the HVAC system is turned off during the water damage restoration process.

SERVPRO of The Lakes Region is a locally owned and operated water damage company with several years experience in both commercial and residential property restoration. Call (603) 527-2518 to work with a highly trained team to make your property "Like it never even happened."

Trust SERVPRO for Commercial Water Mitigation in Your Laconia Warehouse

1/30/2023 (Permalink)

Warehouse Water Damage Call SERVPRO of Teaneck at (603) 527-2518 for fast and efficient service.

Commercial Water Mitigation in Laconia Requires Experts 

Unchecked water can devastate any building, but the stakes are higher in a warehouse. The destruction can be more extensive when you consider stored merchandise. Stagnant water can also remain hidden for longer in warehouse settings. Machinery and hazardous chemicals present safety risks. 

Warehouses have fast-paced environments, and disrupting business operations can cause customers to search for other options. SERVPRO has the expertise required to conduct commercial water mitigation in your Laconia warehouse. Beyond construction, it is necessary to preserve the products needed for commerce to continue. The high humidity linked to water-damaged warehouses can affect the contents. Contents like cardboard boxes can get compromised and fall apart, creating a mess that requires cleanup. 

Unaddressed water damage can also cause machinery, racks, and other items in the warehouse to corrode. SERVPRO understands the effect of water damage in warehouses and can offer a safe and fast recovery. Our water damage mitigation process comprises several steps, such as: 

  • Stabilizing the structure 
  • Removing standing water 
  • Removing affected materials
  • Drying and dehumidification
  • Repairing or replacing ruined structures and contents.

We have powerful water extraction equipment that offers quick water removal. Moisture can hide under flooring, walls, or HVAC systems. Our SERVPRO team can locate the structures into which water has intruded and define the degree to which the forms and contents have absorbed moisture further than normal levels. We can use advanced devices to track moisture in the building, including thermal imaging cameras, moisture sensors, and moisture meters. 

Our industrial air movers and dehumidifiers make the work of lowering humidity quicker. Air movers improve evaporation by introducing airflow at the surface level. They replace the saturated, excellent boundary layer with drier, warmer air from dehumidifiers. 

Water damage can also cause foul odors in a building. Our SERVPRO team can use several methods to eliminate the smells. One is to use ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers to dispense solvent-based and water-based deodorizers to the affected areas. 

To handle commercial water damage efficiently, call SERVPRO of The Lakes Region for help at (603) 527-2518. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Strategic Water Cleanup for Laconia Properties

12/27/2022 (Permalink)

Water Mess On Floor Don't let flood damage take over your property, Call SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Facilitates Water Restoration in Laconia

A property hit by a storm is likely to be inundated in copious amounts of water either from the driving rain or rising groundwater. An elaborate water cleanup process is essential to restore the place to its pre-damaged state. 

While your goal is to resume normalcy as fast as possible, you should hold off on water cleanup at your Laconia property until you establish the exact effects the incident has on the property. You might benefit if you involve an experienced SERVPRO team since we often deal with such cases, so we can anticipate or respond to any unusual problems you encounter.

Issues caused by storms in properties:

  • Significant water accumulation
  • Contamination
  • Structural damage

An incident can involve only one aspect or combine all. Also, you might only notice the most apparent issue, such as the inches of stagnant water standing on the floor, but forget the hazardous materials dissolved in the water. SERVPRO professionals have a keen eye and sufficient resources to ensure cleanup goes as planned.

What it takes to clean a property:

  • Patient execution
  • Variety of powerful equipment
  • Appropriate cleaning agents

A speedy conclusion is desirable for various reasons, including minimizing inconveniences and costs. However, some tasks, such as carpet cleaning and drying, are better handled patiently since a hasty approach can damage the material. Vigorous agitation during cleaning is known to cause delamination while drying procedures such as floating can cause stretching. Our SERVPRO technicians use tactful approaches such as applying and giving chemical agents sufficient dwell time, thus limiting the need for harsh cleaning procedures.

Choice of Cleaning Equipment

Using an appropriate tool makes work easier and improves the outcome. Proper tools can mean the entire equipment, such as extractors, or the accessories attached to the equipment, such as the type of wand. Truck-mounted extractors and high-pressure or submersible pumps are standard equipment used depending on the amount and location of the intruding water. For soiled areas, rotating brushes and pressure washers help detach soils. 

SERVPRO of The Lakes Region offers timely help when your property needs water cleanup. Call us at (603) 527-2518.

The Phases of Fire Damage Restoration in Laconia Properties

11/22/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Flame Call the professionals at SERVPRO of The Lakes Region to help with fire restoration to your property.

Laconia Fire Damage Removal with SERVPRO

Whatever the cause of a house fire, losing your home and possessions is painful. Flame is one of many problems when a fire damages a house. Smoke, soot, and the damage from fire-suppression water further destroy belongings and mementos. To minimize further property destruction in your Laconia home and ensure a quicker recovery, you should seek help from restoration professionals.

The damage from a fire can take a toll on the affected individual. Therefore, fire damage restoration professionals in Laconia should display compassion and empathy during this challenging time without sacrificing the job quality. SERVPRO fully addresses the disaster from start to finish. Several critical elements ensure the cleanup process has been conducted satisfactorily.

Necessary approaches to proper mitigation: 

  • Inspection and pre-testing
  • Scoping and estimating the work
  • Activating the work order
  • Project execution

Upon contacting SERVPRO, our representative provides helpful tips to help you know what you can do before our team arrives. A production manager then scopes the loss and devises a plan of action. Our personnel locates soiled areas using mediums such as dry-cleaning sponges allowing you to see how significant the loss is. Also, we check for moisture presence using a moisture meter or thermal camera, as most fire damage involves some wet materials. With your permission, we will take enough photographs to document the conditions. After inspection, our personnel prepare the necessary paperwork with you for approval.

The Cleanup Phase

Some materials do not entirely burn during a fire, leaving behind substantial waste products like burnt plastic, synthetic fabrics, and asbestos-laden building materials. Left unaddressed, they may cause further destruction.

Experts integrate services like:

  • Boarding up property segments for safety concerns
  • Cleaning up debris and contents
  • Odor removal
  • Safe disposal of hazardous materials, e.g., lead and asbestos

If you reside in the Laconia area and need fire damage restoration, SERVPRO of The Lakes Region helps return your family to a safe and secure living situation. Call us at (603) 527-2518 for rapid restoration. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.