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Eliminate Commercial Water Damage In Laconia

3/5/2020 (Permalink)

Appliance Store SERVPRO of The Lakes Region aids businesses with mitigation response that is Faster to Any Size Disaster.

SERVPRO Eliminates Commercial Water Damage From a Laconia Appliance Store

Large retail spaces are easy to pack with beautiful show areas for your products and services. However, when water damage occurs, these displays can also prove to be vulnerable to saturation and damage that can be difficult to mitigate with the tools you currently have available. Fortunately, there is a team that can help.

If your Laconia retail space has suffered commercial water damage from pipe leaks, appliance issues, or structural damages, SERVPRO technicians are ready to clean the mess and restore your facilities to their preloss condition. This team's focus is on using cutting-edge tools to monitor affected spaces and carefully restore them so that you can minimize replacement costs while maximizing the safety of your business. SERVPRO is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you.

Cleaning Your Ceiling Tiles
Plumbing or HVAC failures can often cause ceiling tile leaks that not only damage tiles but also saturate surfaces below. Cleaning keeps your storefront looking bright and clean and allows you to inspect the ceiling for potential water damage.

    •    Take care to cover or move inventory below the tiles and remove tiles from the ceiling grid to clean them.
    •    Vacuum vents, corners, and near light fixtures if possible. A dusting attachment is especially helpful for this job.
    •    Wash the tiles with a solution of 10 parts water and one part dishwashing soap. Swab them with a wet sweeper. Avoid over-wetting the tiles, which can warp and damage them.

SERVPRO's Drying Process
SERVPRO technicians use centrifugal air movers and commercial grade dehumidifiers to address water damage. Air movers require careful placement and calculation, typically one every 150 to 300 square feet of affected surface area, to pull up moisture from surfaces effectively. Dehumidifiers catch this air and isolate the water using a variety of mechanisms, such as silica gel or refrigerant coils, depending on the material. This condensation can then be collected and safely removed from your property while the dehumidifiers put out warm, dry air.

SERVPRO of The Lakes Region aids businesses with mitigation response that is Faster to Any Size Disaster. When disaster strikes in your commercial facilities, you can call (603) 527-2518 for rapid cleanup that can begin in as little as four hours.

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We Have The Specialized Equipment To Restore Your Belmont Home After A Fire

2/27/2020 (Permalink)

A kitchen covered in soot and smoke damage after a fire disaster We use our hydroxyl generators and thermal fogging to eliminate the odors in your home caused by a fire. Call us right away to prevent further damage.

Addressing Fire Damage in a Belmont Kitchen

Every year in the United States, public fire departments respond to an average of over one million fires. However, kitchen fires go vastly underreported despite the damage that soot and protein residues can do to structures and appliances. Worse still, exposure to moisture can make soot residues acidic, which further corrodes metals and plastics in your kitchen. 

If your Belmont home's kitchen needs fire damage mitigation after a cooking fire, the experienced restoration technicians at SERVPRO are always ready to mitigate damage and remove odors and residues within hours of your call. Even a small stovetop or oven fire can cause long-term problems that can affect the comfort of your home. These IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification)-certified pros strive to minimize losses so that you can enjoy cooking in your home as usual. 

Understanding Protein Fires

Protein fires are a type of disaster that results from burning protein-enriched fibers like beef, fish, or chicken. These fires do not often produce lots of visible smoke and instead release a fine mist of low-burning animal fats and proteins that settle on surfaces and leave a strong and unpleasant odor. 

Common locations for protein residue after a fire include:

  • Stovetops, range hoods, and cabinetry
  • Ventilation and insulation
  • Nearby pantries and closets
  • Fabrics and other porous surfaces
  • Ceiling tiles, paint, and wallpaper

SERVPRO Removes Odors & Protein Residues

SERVPRO technicians can use specialized cleaners for protein residues called enzyme digesters, which break down proteins into carbon dioxide, water, or water-soluble byproducts that lose their odorous quality and dissipate into the air. Insoluble protein residues are converted to simple, soluble materials that can then be absorbed and digested by the enzymes. 

Odors throughout the home can be addressed with a variety of other tools, including odor counteractant beads, which are carefully implemented in the air intake portion of your heating or cooling system. The counteractants in them travel along air currents in the vents to spread pleasant scents like cherry or cinnamon through the home. 

SERVPRO of The Lakes Region ensures that your kitchen looks, "Like it never even happened." For rapid disaster mitigation, you can call (603) 527-2518.

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Why Professional Remediation is Necessary for Water Damaged Carpet in Laconia Homes

2/20/2020 (Permalink)

two girls lying on carpeted floor Did a water loss event impact your carpeting? Call SERVPRO for fast and efficient remediation.

Water Damage and Cleaning of Your Laconia Carpets

Dealing with the fallout of a pipe burst in your home is a multistep process. Drying is only part of the process; It is crucial to also thoroughly clean impacted areas to mitigate secondary damage such as dangerous mold infestations, or stained carpets. 

If your carpets sustained water damage in your Laconia home, it is essential to clean them using the proper methods, so they are not damaged further. If you try to clean your carpets using the incorrect way or product, you run the risk of doing more harm than good, potentially shortening the life of your carpet.

When determining a cleaning plan for your carpets, SERVPRO technicians take into consideration the type of carpet you have including, fiber type, style of the carpet, the propensity for color bleeding, type and level of soiling, and any preexisting issues. It is crucial to consider problems such as the age of the carpet and the condition of the water damaged carpet. For damaged or weakened carpets, technicians use less aggressive methods of cleaning and avoid using a shampoo brush if there areas or seams exist. 

There are several tests that technicians use to determine the appropriate course of action, including the fiber burn test identifying whether the fiber is natural, which does not melt but turns to grey ash, or a synthetic fiber that melts and turns to hard black ash. Typically, most household carpets are synthetic fibers like polyester, acrylic, or nylon. Knowing the make-up of your carpet allows technicians to determine appropriate cleaning products. 

One of the most significant factors in carpet cleaning is the type and amount of the soil residue. Oily-soils such as those found near a kitchen generally need oil-based products to clean the carpets effectively. Water-soluble soils require water-based products. If the carpet has both types of soil, technicians attack the predominant soil first. SERVPRO produces water-soluble solvents that can be added to oil-based cleaning products when both kinds of soil are present. It is also essential to consider the level of soiling; if the carpet is only dirty at the fingertips, it won't need the same level of cleaning or heavy-duty products as if the soil is through to the base of the carpet. 

Contact SERVPRO of The Lakes Region 24/7 at (603) 527-2518 for assistance with carpet cleaning or any other type of water damage. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Water Damage in Laconia Homes

2/14/2020 (Permalink)

Floating House We understand the need for rapid response and restoration to minimize the loss of your home. Call us right away we are available 24/7.

SERVPRO Has Answers For You About Your Homes Water Damage

An estimated 14,000 individuals in the United States have a water damage event occur in their home or business every day. Also, an average of 98% of basements can expect some form of water loss during their service life. 

When water damage happens in Laconia homes, property owners often have questions. Here are some of the most common ones asked about residential water loss. 


It is impossible to tell just by looking at the structure and contents are by the water. SERVPRO techs have access to some of the most advanced moisture detection equipment in the restoration industry. These devices allow them to find embedded moisture under floors, within walls, and in other areas. This action alone assists in avoiding additional damages and mold growth. 

How Does Water Damage Happen?

Frequently seen internal causes are leaks, appliance failures, overflows, and sewage backups. Fixing small leaks in the structure and plumbing can help avoid significant scale water loss events in the home in the future.

Is the Need for Water Removal Considered an Emergency?

Absolutely. Building materials such as sheetrock and wood are absorbent and react in ways such as swelling or buckling, which damages the structure. Because of the need for expedited extraction, SERVPRO techs show up on-site to most properties within an hour from the initial call. When the water in the home is the result of a sewage backup, the contaminated nature of the spill needs a quick cleanup to limit loss.

What Steps Should Homeowners Take When a Water Loss Occurs?

As soon as the need for water removal occurs, homeowners should contact their insurance adjuster and inform them their next call will be to SERVPRO to start the extraction and drying restoration process. 

Does Insurance Cover All Water Loss? 

The short answer is no. The average homeowner's insurance policy covers loss through sudden or accidental water loss, such as a pipe burst or a washing machine dumping a tub of water in the laundry room. Each case is individual, and if you are not sure what elements your coverage handles, review it with your agent and make sure you know what is covered and what is not. 

At the first sign of any water damage, call the pros at SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518. The certified techs can remove the water and dry the property, so it is "Like it never even happened."

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SERVPRO Follows Protocols to Restore Water Damaged Homes in Laconia

2/6/2020 (Permalink)

cartoon man wearing paper bag with a never again statement This Photo Is Why SERVPRO Is the Choice for Water Damage Restoration in Laconia--Done Right! Leave You Smiling!

Scoping a Water Loss in Laconia Homes for Efficient Recovery

Gathering information and data about a restoration project can help our SERVPRO team to provide efficient services in Laconia loss recovery. As challenging as situations like water losses can be, the proper planning in the early stages can ensure that the right steps get taken to reduce restoration times and costs wherever possible. Scoping a job is critical for this reason and precedes the arrival of our skilled field technicians to begin mitigation.

Knowing what to expect in the earliest stages of scoping and damage assessment can help our customers to stay at ease through every phase of addressing water damage to Laconia homes. The first notice of loss (FNOL) is the point where a customer reaches out to our emergency response team for help after a disaster occurs. From this point, we must move as efficiently as possible, gathering the appropriate information and employing the best techniques to get your home back to preloss condition quickly.

In most situations, scoping of the job begins quickly after the FNOL to ensure that we are getting the freshest look at the damaged areas and have the opportunity to slow the migration of water damage with mitigation steps to follow. We utilize this walkthrough as a chance to hear from our customers what their priorities are and how we can help them through the trying experience and keep them in the house throughout restoration when possible.

The collection of data and readings from moisture detection devices and a thorough visual inspection determines the SERVPRO personnel, equipment, and potential power needed for water loss recovery. It might be necessary to have our in-house team of experienced residential contractors perform drywall removal or muck out, or structural drying specialists work with advanced drying tools to restore installed construction materials before they become too damaged to preserve.

Water loss incidents can get out of control without the fast and confident response of our SERVPRO of The Lakes Region water restorers. No matter how we can help, from drying to clean up, give us a call today at (603) 527-2518.

Ultimate Effective Solutions For Water Damage Issues in Laconia

1/31/2020 (Permalink)

copper piping in a wall Copper pipes are great but they can still fail and spring a leak within your wall. Contact SERVPRO for an assessment and remediation efforts.

Why SERVPRO is the Company Homeowners Trust to Help Prevent Water Damage in Laconia

Avoiding a crisis that soaks your Laconia home can seem impossible, but we can help prevent one of the main causes. SERVPRO's technicians receive intensive training and gain extensive experience. These increase the level of insight into the causes behind preventable problems.

This is why SERVPRO is trusted by so many homeowners in Laconia who need water damage specialists. While we spend most of our time remediating and mitigating damaged areas, we also help homeowners prevent future incidents. 

Despite being safer, copper pipes can still become the source of problems. Corrosion of copper plumbing called pitting can lead to pinhole leaks. Although a pipe might only release a tiny stream of water to begin with, additional holes often quickly develop.

Pitting happens on the interior of the pipe, making it difficult to prevent. However, SERVPRO technicians know that certain conditions are more common in previous pipe failures. Spotting these can help guide you in knowing which copper pipes you might want to replace with brass or other plumbing materials.

A damp area in the floor, away from any visible water source, can signal that the pipe running underneath is spraying water onto the underside of the floor. Horizontal pipes are reported more often as leaking than vertical pipes. 

Areas near elbow joints also tend to rupture more often than in the middle of a length of pipe. The threads of the joints can also allow water to escape.

While cold water affects copper pipes faster than hot water, the opposite occurs with PVC pipes. Over time, PVC can distend and grow larger in diameter, eventually splitting and releasing large quantities of water.

One thing that plays a role in both copper and PVC pipe failure is the amount of pressure. This might come from too great a pressure, or pipes that are too small in diameter. Decreasing the plumbing's water pressure can reduce the likelihood of pipe failure, especially in newly installed plumbing. When a homeowner decides to replace plumbing, choosing the widest diameter offered by the plumbing contractor can protect your home. There are ways that high-pressure areas, such as the shower, can still exist.

SERVPRO of The Lakes Region wants to help your family avoid as many disasters as possible. Water damage is one of these. For more tips to prevent a disaster, or for expert assistance after a pipe breaks, call (603) 527-2518.

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Winning Tactics for Water Damage Remediation in Laconia Revealed

1/31/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged kitchen ceiling Water damage can cause plenty of stress. Contact SERVPRO to investigate the cause and remediate the damage.

Using Airflow to Dry Out Damaged Laconia Homes

Multiple factors play a role in the effective drying of your Laconia home. While temperature and humidity levels are critical factors for our SERVPRO professionals to control when addressing moisture removal concerns, we also must consider the airflow in the affected space and how it can get manipulated to improve drying times and the ultimate result.

We have a full team of restoration specialists accredited through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in water restoration (WRT) and structural drying (ASD), but these certifications alone do not ensure the removal of water, thus mitigating damage in Laconia homes. Our success in the restoration of water-damaged properties hinges on the use of drying sciences like psychrometry. Between a balance of temperature, humidity, airflow, and time, our professionals can recover the damage that water can do to your home.

Dry air is one of the essential elements of drying any saturated material. In this same way, less damp air spaces around these moist materials can help air movers and other drying elements to be more productive. A constant airflow can allow for nearly continuous removal of moisture from the surface of the material involved. Air movers are the ideal tool for vaporizing trapped moisture and surface dampness. These devices can not only evaporate free water in affected materials but eliminate the boundary layer.

Boundary layers are a space of cold air just above the surface of moist material. This cooler space exists from the evaporation process. Without moving this cold air away from the surface, further drying practices are ineffective. Air movers can displace this layer with warmer, drier air to continue the evaporation process for moisture removal by our positioned dehumidifiers in the house.

Restoration and recovery are areas where our professionals excel because we have the education and ongoing training to be a reputable choice in our region. Whenever you contend with water loss incidents, let our SERVPRO of The Lakes Region team show you how we can make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (603) 527-2518.

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Laconia House Attacked by Mold and Unwanted Water? Why Not Call SERVPRO for Remediation and Restoration

1/13/2020 (Permalink)

emergency sign over hospital entrance For Emergency Water Removal and Mold Remediation Services in Laconia Here Is Why SERVPRO Is the Answer

SERVPRO Has the Requisite Expertise to Mitigate Water Damage in Your Laconia Residence

Frozen, leaking, or broken pipes are all inconveniences that produce headaches for Laconia homeowners. The water damage that frozen pipes cause can be significant because they often allow water to get to the walls and ceilings of a house. Broken pipes can cause gallons of water to flood the bathroom, kitchen, or living room.

When you notice water damage in your Laconia residence, SERVPRO can help you prevent it from worsening. Our technicians have the training, advanced equipment, and expertise to dry your water-ruined home properly. A water intrusion incident can cause severe destruction to the building materials and items in your home if you do not resolve it correctly. Some of the issues you may deal with after water pools in your house include:

Ruined carpeting and upholstery
Water causes the latex backings and fibers of carpeting to weaken, making them more susceptible to wear and tear. In the worst-case scenarios, carpets can delaminate and require replacement.

Fire hazards
Water may short-circuit the power system of your home, creating sparks that might ignite drywall, wood, and fabrics. Electrical shock or worse can result from entering unsafe areas.

Mold infestation
Mold thrives in damp conditions where organic matter to feed on is present. It can cause health issues to the residents of a home along with degrading structural elements.

After a water loss incident, you may not locate and recognize all the damage. It is challenging to know which areas require extra work or replacement. Our team can advise you on how severe the destruction is and how we can remediate it.

We can restore your property to its preloss state. Our priorities are quality, safety, and exceptional customer service. We offer rapid restoration to prevent moisture from seeping in walls, furniture, and appliances. Our team can work on different parts of your home using advanced water extraction equipment.

If mold has started growing in your property, our SERVPRO team can remove it safely. We can choose the proper mold removal method based on the surface the fungi are located. If the affected material is non-porous, such as metal, plastic, or glass, we can clean it. We can then HEPA vacuum the surface if it is dry or damp wipe it with a detergent solution if the mold is growing on a layer of organic debris. If mold is growing on porous materials such as drywall, carpeting, fabrics, or insulation, we can remove and discard them. But, only if we cannot restore these mold-infested materials. Our team can then dry your home effectively using air moving and dehumidifying equipment.

A complete water restoration process considers all the essential details that may remain unnoticed and cause further problems in the future. Call SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518 for effective water restoration services.

Water in Your Home? SERVPRO Ensures Losses are Minimal in Laconia.

1/8/2020 (Permalink)

Sandbags in foreground with rescue crew wading water with a small raft in street of neighborhood Water in Laconia home gets immediate attention by SERVPRO’s professionals to lessen losses to the structure and contents.

What Laconia Homeowners Need to Mitigate Water Loss Correctly

When water comes into contact with natural materials, it can cause irreversible harm. The primary factors affecting loss are the contamination levels of water, the length in time of exposure to moisture as well as the materials themselves. Permeance is how easily items take on and release water. Natural materials tend to have high permeance, which can be offset by varnishes or other types of finish. Synthetic elements generally suffer less, but items with moving parts, like electrical circuitry, can be very susceptible to malfunction due to water. Secondary losses may include rotting or mold growth, which comes about with long-term exposure to moisture.

The risk of sustaining water loss in your Laconia home is dependent on how quickly, and comprehensively, you respond to a water incident. Removing items to drier areas of the household is a useful mitigation task, but you do run a risk of bringing moisture into dry rooms or raising the relative humidity. By laying down waterproof sheeting and placing wet items on top, you can mitigate spreading moisture. Dehumidifiers can help to keep relative humidity under control. SERVPRO carries all the necessary equipment to perform these tasks on your behalf.

Many homeowners bring in professional restoration services like SERVPRO to ensure that losses are minimal. The relational impact of water on contents and structure needs treatment and specialist equipment to overcome correctly. Knowledge of different items, as well as how best to restore them, is essential to recovering contents. Electric devices need keeping above the dew point to prevent permanent harm. Natural materials need regular testing to bring down moisture content levels without drying them out too much.

Sometimes materials are both contents and structure. Wooden floorboards, for example, are natural materials that have high permeance. Exposure to moisture can wear away varnish allowing the wood underneath to absorb water. When this happens, material changes affect the boards which appear as warping, cupping or buckling. SERVPRO can bring down moisture content to its normal state of 12% using desiccant dehumidifiers. Returning wood to its natural moisture content allows us to sand, refinish, and restore your floorboards.

Rising moisture levels of materials in your home and possessions is tough to restore without expertise. Contact SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518.

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Why You Need Professional Restoration Services When Floods Damage Your Laconia Home

12/19/2019 (Permalink)

Water on floor, water damaging belongings Groundwater contains contaminants. Call SERVPRO to safely remove the water and restore your home.

Professional Cleanup of Flood Damage Makes the Difference in Laconia Homes 

There are times it is okay to clean up water damage in your home. However, when there is the possibility that the water has sat longer than 24 hours, ran behind walls or under floors or is groundwater, you need to engage a professional restoration services company.  

Groundwater that causes flood damage to your Laconia home has the potential to be dangerous by containing microbes, chemicals, and sewage. All of which can make you ill if you come into contact with them.  

Prevention of Cross-Contamination

Because of the contaminated nature of floodwater, the technicians take fast action to stop areas of the home from having the possibility of coming into contact with the water in other areas. They may use containment methods around the work area or perform an organized pack out and remove undamaged furnishings out of the home to a secure location until the completion of remediation efforts.  

Fast Extraction of Flood Water

Eliminating the groundwater is the first course of action for SERVPRO technicians. They use portable pumps to remove any standing water that remains on the property.  

Removal of Water Damaged Materials 

During this phase, controlled demolition is standard as it may be necessary to remove water-logged sheetrock that has buckled or warped as it has zero restoration potential. Carpet soaked by groundwater is a hazard and requires removal. Specialized attachments assist in water removal from carpeting before cutting it into strips for easier handling and safe disposal. 

Returning the Home to Sanitary Conditions

After drying the property, SERVPRO technicians begin the process of disinfecting the home, so it is safe for habitation and ready for any needed reconstruction. The technicians have access to several professional quality antimicrobial and antibacterial solutions. These products surfaces left clean, including their own proprietary Orange and Green cleaners. Proactive mold treatments also occur during this phase to inhibit spore germination and growth. 

 Contact SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518 whenever you have flood damage in your property that requires fast action. Whether it is one room or the entire house, we are local, and We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.  

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