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Spring Cleaning Should Include Removal of Signs of Puff-Back, a Type of Fire Damage, in Laconia

10/17/2021 (Permalink)

Call now! Fire damage issues from a chimney or furnace are a hard task to handle. SERVPRO fire damage restoration techs have you covered.

Fire Damage Prevention Includes Assessing the State of Your Furnace

When a furnace begins to malfunction, sometimes one of the signs of this is a loud bang, followed by a spewing of soot from the furnace. Much of this soot is initially contained within the ducts, only to be released into the air. When the soot hits the room along with the heated air, the soot particles can still be extremely hot from being in the furnace and burn the walls near heat vents.  

Laconia residents with fire damage will notice darkened areas around heat vents and possibly even air intake vents if their furnaces had problems over the winter. This kind of fire damage is often overlooked during spring cleaning. The soot does not exist only on the walls outside of vents but also inside the ducts. Hot ash can burn holes in ducts, even if they are made out of metal. These tiny holes can create fire hazards in the future, as well as allow pests to have a greater ability to travel from one area of your home's interior to other areas. 

Fire Cleanup and Restoration

SERVPRO technicians know how to effectively clean the locations affected by what is minor fire damage and the ducts that are involved, also. The ducts can develop build-ups that are highly flammable, much like the accumulations that chimneys can develop. Leaving this substance inside your air vents is not only potentially dangerous, but it can be unhealthy and also produce persistent odors that are highly unpleasant, particularly when the temperature rises over the upcoming summer.  

As we clean, any defects in your ducts are noted for future repairs. If your air conditioning system uses the same ducts, this and the cleaning is crucial to maintaining your indoor air quality at optimal levels. 

After cleaning the area outside of the vents, painting can be done if desired. We also clean the vents so that they look new again, free of dust build-up and grime. Carpeting below vents often collects debris, as well, and we can clean these areas for you also. As with any fire damage, an entire home can be affected in various locations that may only seem unrelated. We have the experience that helps us understand these patterns and eradicate the problem wherever it exists.  

By calling us, SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518, you can gain the experience we have gained from working on large and small fire damage situations, as well as the expertise obtained by our training and certification processes. Put our IICRC certifications to work for your home, and enjoy the healthy benefits of a cleaner home.

SERVPRO Provides Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration to Laconia Properties

10/10/2021 (Permalink)

leaking dishwasher Appliances may cause water damage at times. SERVPRO will be on-site within 4 hours of the initial call. Water damage restoration is a job for us.

Laconia Water Damage Effects

If you have suffered water damage to your property, you know how important deodorization can be. Water, even after removal, can leave behind foul or sour odors. Many homeowners think that simply mopping up a spill with no water visible is the end of the story. Finished? Not always the case.

If your residential property in Laconia has been affected by water damage from a busted pipe or a broken appliance, our team can extract the water, dry out all wet zones, disinfect and deodorize so that you and your family can get on with your routines. You can rely on our professional staff to handle the situation professionally and respectfully because we understand that each incident is unique, and we aim to leave you satisfied after the final walk-through. "Like it never even happened."

Our SERVPRO technicians first identify the source of the water by inspecting the property and utilizing moisture meters and infrared camera imaging when needed. Our teams have advanced equipment so they can effectively deal with any water damage situation and restoration. You can relax and feel safe as our team extracts all the water and moisture from your home.

Water Damage Restoration

When SERVPRO technicians arrive on the scene, usually within four hours, the green vehicle is stocked with cleaning, deodorizing, and sanitizing products along with a lot of equipment. Neatly stacked are air movers, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, hydroxyl generators, foggers, mops, buckets, squeegees, and much more.

SERVPRO response times are second to none as we adhere to our slogan--We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. Many of our WRT water restoration technicians have IICRC certifications and ongoing in-house training to keep up with the latest advances in the water damage cleanup and restoration industry. We are your neighbors and take pride in helping with any water-damaging emergency or even a scheduled cleaning of your carpets.

SERVPRO of The Lakes Region is your solutions provider when unwanted water has invaded your property. We can help 24/7 by calling (603) 433-4300.

What makes SERVPRO One of the Most Popular Mold Removal Companies in Laconia?

9/30/2021 (Permalink)

Mold colonies SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians have the skills and experience for all phases of mold remediation. Call now!

Professional Mold Remediation Companies Like SERVPRO Can Prevent Extensive Damage to Your Laconia Home 

Not only can mold cause unsightly stains and unpleasant odors, but it can also hamper the indoor air quality of your home. Mold remediation companies like SERVPRO can help you protect your Laconia home from all these effects.   

SERVPRO is one of the few mold remediation companies in Laconia with IICRC certified technicians, and our technicians are available 24/7. We dispatch our team of mold specialists to inspect your home for the extent of mold damage, sometimes within a matter of minutes; We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. SERVPRO’s team of experts performs a visual inspection of the affected area along with surface and air testing to get an idea of the mold problem. The next step for the techs is to work out a remediation plan that is cost-effective, quick, and efficient.  

What Type of Containment do SERVPRO Mold Specialists Use During Remediation in Your Laconia Home? 

SERVPRO adheres to the IICRC S520 mold remediation standard while handling mold in your Laconia home. According to the IICRC, containments are generally separated into three basic types during mold remediation projects- 

  • Source containment is employed when the mold damage is confined to a small visible and controllable area, and hidden mold is not suspected. It is done by taping a polyethylene sheeting or self-adhering plastic over a moldy surface before removing the contamination. SERVPRO techs then wrap, bag, and securely enclose the moldy contents in 6-mil polyethylene bags before disposing of them. 
  • Local containment: Used when moderate levels of mold growth are suspected. SERVPRO techs build a containment area with 6-mil polyethylene sheeting and install HEPA-filtered Negative Air Machines (NAM) during local containment.    
  • Full-scale containment: Used when mold damage is extensive. The entire room or section of a building is designated as a containment area. Often this is the prelude to the controlled demolition of non-salvageable materials.

Call SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518 any time of day or night. 

Our Water Removal Strategies Can Save Your Hardwood Floors In Franklin

9/17/2021 (Permalink)

standing in a pool of water When your floors have experienced water damage. Call SERVPRO for fast and immediate water damage restoration services.

Professional Water Removal Strategies Save Hardwood Floors In Franklin

Although all structural components in your Franklin home can suffer harm after a water loss, floors take a beating. Some recent innovations in flooring materials such as laminates frequently do not survive a soaking, requiring removal and replacement. Traditional hardwood floors, however, are generally more durable, especially if our Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained team of managers and technicians arrive quickly and begin water extraction services as soon as possible.

Professional Assessment and Planning

Our crew leads and project managers assess every project individually, planning water removal for your Franklin residence by evaluating the unique circumstances surrounding the disaster. The quantity of water, length of time since the event, contamination concerns, and migration from the original site are some of the aspects considered. We also look carefully at the type and condition of the materials damaged by the water to determine the next steps.

Moisture Location Devices Clarify the Damage Dimensions

SERVPRO uses sensitive moisture measuring and thermal imaging equipment to sketch out an accurate perimeter of where the water on your hardwood floor eventually migrated. Each plank edge permits moisture to seep down to the subfloor, and water can force its way into building cavities between walls at the baseboards. Once the surface sweep of the water extractors completes, it might seem as though all the water is gone, but the sensors show a different story.

Hardwood Floors Respond Well to Negative Air Pressure Strategy

When water soaks the subfloor, that residual moisture can wick back up, exposing the hardwood surface to the risk of permanent distortion. Cupping, crowning, and buckling are all possible unless the moisture content reduces to normal levels. SERVPRO uses negative air pressure to suction the water from multiple levels of flooring materials. Our technicians place floor mats over areas with high moisture readings and attach the mats to hoses connected to high-efficiency extractors. As the moisture decreases in an area, we reposition the mats until readings indicate the water removal goal is met.

SERVPRO of The Lakes Region utilizes technological advancements in moisture detection and water removal to protect your investment in beautiful hardwood floors. Call (603) 527-2518 to schedule a professional water remediation assessment and project planning.

Some Ways to Avoid Storm Damage in Laconia

9/12/2021 (Permalink)

flood damaged home When a storm hits home, SERVPRO techs are here to help. Storm damage restoration is a job for us.

Restoring the Flooring in a Laconia Residence After Flood Damage

The floors inside your Laconia house take a lot of wear and tear under normal, everyday use. Disasters like flooding can ruin them. SERVPRO uses highly effective methods to mitigate damage and make restoration work possible. We return things to preloss condition, so your home becomes dry and free of hazards again.

Not only do the floors in your house become filthy when homes in Laconia sustain flood damage, but they can also become weak. Weak spots in the floor can collapse under any added weight. We use machines to dry out the structure, as well as smaller devices to measure and track how quickly your property becomes dry. Our devices show us areas that fail to respond as expected so we can make adjustments.

Many floors covering types, particularly carpet, become too dirty and inundated with pathogens, silt, and odors for even the most intensive efforts. The increased expense of cleaning, repairing, and drying these items too often becomes more expensive than available replacement flooring options. Many coverings on your floor can trap floodwater underneath and cause mold and rot to set in and begin deteriorating damage. Such damage can cause weakness as well as uneven floors (a serious tripping hazard) and also generate pungent odors.

When SERVPRO has all of the damaged floor coverings removed, we rinse the area with clean running water. We use this to push any small-sized debris out and also strip the area of silt and pathogens. When saltwater is involved, this needs to be done to remove as much salt as possible. Salt and other minerals can eat away at the lignin, the natural ‘glue’ that binds wood cells together. Clean water effectively rinses these deposits out of the affected area.

Restoring Your Floors After Storm Flooding

Restoring floors to a clean condition includes spraying them with a topical disinfectant. We often reapply this after the floor becomes completely dry again, but before we reinstall new flooring. For those in areas likely to experience flood damage in the future, we can explain which types of flooring perform best under such conditions. This can help reduce overall restoration costs in the future, often without adding any significant expense to the current restoration costs.

SERVPRO of The Lakes Region also serves Belmont, NH, Franklin, NH, and Tilton, NH, when flood damage and other disastrous situations affect residential and commercial properties. Call (603) 527-2518 to reach experts who can protect and restore your floors.

Removing Fire and Smoke Damage from Carpeted Floors in Belmont Homes

8/25/2021 (Permalink)

fire and smoke damaged home When fire and smoke damage your home. SERVPRO is the team to call for all of your fire damage restoration services needed for your home.

With Fast Cleanup After Fires in Belmont Properties, We Can Preserve Flooring Materials When Possible.

Fires can be a devastating force in area homes and can cause irreparable harm without prompt intervention and cleaning. Mitigation is a vital need to protect exposed properties from greater damages. Our experienced SERVPRO professionals are ready 24/7 to mobilize and make fire losses "Like it never even happened." 

Water Removal Services During Fire Restoration

Carpeted floors can be damaged before fire restoration in Belmont homes. The extinguishment process can often leave high volumes of water in the most heavily impacted house areas. Standing water and moisture migration means finding the appropriate solutions to dry out moisture trapped in the fibers of carpeted floors. Some of the extraction tools include; 

  • Carpet wands
  • Light wands
  • Weighted extractors

Clearing Soot and Smoke Debris 

Smoke and soot are formidable obstacles to restoring fire-damaged homes and businesses. When particle deposits happen on carpeting, immediate action is necessary to prevent staining and irreparable harm. HEPA vacuums can pull loose debris from this flooring and leave a more stable base to help. Various carpet cleaning strategies can also help when necessary. 

Carpet Cleaning Services for Damaged Properties 

After fire damage exposure, elements like the carpet absorbed harsh effects like odors but also became a host for resting soot and smoke residues. With experienced professionals capable of helping with leading cleaning tools, we can provide deluxe carpet cleaning and conditioning to improve the look and feel of soot-damaged carpeting.  

Carpeted floors are a commonly installed element for modern homes throughout the area. Considering how rapidly homes can be overwhelmed by standing and migrating water, our SERVPRO of The Lakes Region team arrives quickly to help. We can get vital mitigation services started fast when you call (603) 527-2518. 

Laconia Water Damage Restoration Has Different Options

8/13/2021 (Permalink)

standing in pool of water in home. SERVPRO has all the water damage restoration services needed for your home. Any size disaster, doesn't matter, call now!

SERVPRO Technically Deals with Damages Caused by Water to Your Property in Laconia

Ordinary cleaning services are not up to the challenge of restoration when significant amounts of water harm your home. Water can linger, and secondary damage can occur, exposing your house to permanent problems. SERVPRO offers the trained staff, powerful equipment, and industry-leading practices to deliver the best result. 

A phone call distracts, and a relaxing bath instead becomes a crisis, the overflow causing water damage to both levels of your Laconia home. Clean-up is not completed with a bucket and mop as the water leaks through the bathroom floor and soaks the ceiling and wall below. A call for our comprehensive services removes the water and reverses the deterioration caused by the seepage through building materials.  

SERVPRO's applied structural drying technicians (ASD) arrive swiftly, ready to begin a series of tasks proven to restore your bathroom and the area below to their preloss condition. Our fully equipped trucks hold the tools necessary to extract any water remaining in the bathroom and initiate and complete essential drying. 

Equipment for Water Removal

Powerful air movers accelerate the drying of walls, ceilings, and floors. We look carefully at the soaked materials, particularly drywall, to check for crumbling. If insulation is present and wet, we typically recommend replacement as it is inexpensive to switch out and challenging, and time-consuming to dry completely. Water saturated insulation typically also mats and flattens out, losing the ability to function as desired. Other structures that appear solid yet damp receive the drying treatment. Measurements of moisture content guide the length of time the air movers and dehumidifiers work. The latter equipment is matched to the required performance and maybe low-grain refrigerated (LGR) units or gel-based ones to capture and remove air moisture. Occasionally we add heated air to the mix to reduce the moisture within the affected areas. 

Properly dried structures and fixtures and installations, such as carpets, are cleaned of any residue as one of the final steps taken by our crew. Touch-ups with paint and inspections to ensure trim, floors, and walls or ceilings are free of buckling and gaping help us keep our pledge to leave your premises "Like it never even happened." SERVPRO stands by this mission statement, allowing you to retake control of your life after this mistake. 

Homeowners in the know contact SERVPRO of The Lakes Region when water damage strikes. One call to (603) 527-2518 gets our experienced team in motion to restore your home.

Sewage Cleanup and Restoration From Flood Damage in Laconia

8/4/2021 (Permalink)

man reading paper in kitchen with rain pouring in on him. Storm and flood damage restoration is a job for SERVPRO. We will be onsite within 4 hours of the initial call.

Our Certified Technicians Arrive Ready to Put Together an Action Plan to Deal With Storm Damage at Your Home

Storms are known for causing water damage to homes and businesses through heavy rainfalls. However, floods caused by severe rains can also cause sewer backup in the drain pipes. These backups, when left alone, can lead to costly damage and numerous health effects. 

Once the storm is over, contact SERVPRO immediately to deal with the contaminated water. We offer 24/7 flood damage cleanup services for properties in Laconia. With many years of experience, our IICRC-certified technicians can restore your house to normal, “Like it never even happened.” 

Cleaning Up after a Sewer Backup

SERVPRO treats three types of water damage in this situation: clean, black, and gray water. Black and gray are the most dangerous. Gray water contains contaminants such as fungi and bacteria and includes aquarium water, wash water, and urine. 

Black water contains dangerous chemicals, waste products, and other life-threatening contaminants. Black water damage situations always come with disease-causing agents like viruses, fungi, bacteria, and parasites. 

While clean water contains limited contamination, it can create favorable conditions for bacteria and fungi growth over time. The warmer temperature and high humidity after storm damage promote these conditions. We have to dry any part of the structure contaminated with “clean” water as well. 

The bad news is that your family may be at risk of sewage contamination when a flood comes knocking. The good news is that SERVPRO of The Lakes Region, locally based, can promptly clean up the flood damage. Call us anytime at (603) 527-2518. 

Laconia Businesses Should Call Trained Mold Damage Experts

7/30/2021 (Permalink)

mold spore Mold remediation is no easy task. SERVPRO has trained techs for every phase of mold remediation.

SERVPRO Helps Laconia Commercial Property Owners When Mold Damage is Suspected

Water damage, a spike in relative humidity, or a hidden leak are all culprits that lead to mold issues within any building. When you run a commercial space, whether you have a salon or retail location, you need to ensure your safety and that of the staff and any customers that come in. Because black mold can cause potential health effects, this is the type of infestation that you want to avoid at all costs. However, once you suspect a bit of mold or mildew rearing its ugly head within your Laconia business, you will find that calling in trained technicians to take a look is the best first step. This is where our team at SERVPRO is ready to help!

Handling mold damage in Laconia means carefully working not to disturb the spores while ensuring everything is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. SERVPRO acts fast to address the current mold development while also preventing further growth and structural damage. This is all done by mitigating spills, flooding, and leaks anywhere within your commercial space. Some steps that you may see our team taking when we arrive for mold remediation include:

  • We have infrared leak detection tools that allow our technicians to find moisture lurking under flooring, behind walls, and in ceilings.
  • We utilize proven drying and dehumidification techniques to keep mold from spreading. Same-day water cleanup and mold assessment are also imperative, mainly because mold spores can begin colonizing within 24 hours of exposure to increased moisture.
  • We have decontamination and mold removal measures to initiate wherever mold is present in your building. 
  • We tackle mold spore eradication and mold damage repairs and ensure every surface gets thoroughly sanitized to inhibit further growth.

Mold damage and cleanup with help from SERVPRO of The Lakes Region gets your Laconia business back on track. Call us at (603) 527-2518!

Fire Damage from an Unattended Oven in Belmont

7/12/2021 (Permalink)

a fireman outside of a burning house Fires can happen quickly and often without any warning. Contact our SERVPRO team to help during this stressful time.

Precautions Can Help Prevent Damaging Fire & Smoke in Your Kitchen

Few things can match the trauma of finding your home going up in flames, threatening your sense of security. A fire can quickly decimate household items and structural materials in Belmont, significantly reducing their worth. It can even spread to the neighboring houses, leading to extensive damages. According to the National Fire Protection Association, fire departments and emergency responders receive a structural fire report every 65 seconds.

When the smoke clears, SERVPRO can come in and commence the fire restoration process in Belmont. We have a team of highly experienced, IICRC-trained technicians ready to reverse any fire damage in Belmont. After determining the extent of the damage, we can immediately begin the cleanup process.

Most domestic fires occur in the kitchen and are mainly cooking-related. The combination of cooked-on food in the oven and high-temperature cooking presents an apparent fire hazard to your kitchen. This buildup of grime or food can stick to hot metal trays, grills, and plating, sometimes leading to odd smells and even unpleasant plumes of smoke from the oven during cooking. This residue, if left unchecked, can cause a fire and, consequently, considerable fire damage.

Smoke Damage

Most oven fires are usually small, but the resultant smoke can cause thousands of dollars of smoke damage. SERVPRO has a particular procedure for dealing with this type of damage, including cleaning up, repairing, and replacing damaged belongings.

To reduce your risk of fire damage, be sure to clean your oven regularly. When baking cakes and pastries, place a relatively bigger baking tray below your cupcake tin or baking pan. When roasting a duck and you want coarse skin, check it every thirty minutes to drain out some of the hot grease. Lastly, have a professional check your oven every once in a while to ensure that it is working properly.

It is good to be prepared for emergencies, so when an oven fire occurs, you can count on SERVPRO of The Lakes Region for swift fire damage restoration services. We have a 24-hour emergency response team that can attend to your situation anytime. For any assistance, call us today at (603) 527-2518.