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The Problems You Have to Address after Fire Damage in Your Laconia Home

9/20/2019 (Permalink)

Fire blazing in a dark shadow of a home. A fire damage in your Laconia home is hard enough, without having to tackle the aftermath. Let us help!

SERVPRO knows how bad your home fire in Newark will affect you. 

A fire incident is one of the most destructive mishaps that can affect your Laconia home. Fire incidents vary greatly depending on the source, intensity, and the duration of the combustion process. Therefore, you can expect a wide range of damages whenever such an incident affects your property.  In most cases, you need help from a professional like SERVPRO to clean and rebuild your home, addressing all types of damages.

Mountain of Debris

Piles of debris are a common outcome of fire damage incidents in affected Laconia homes. As the flames consume different materials, the combustion process is rarely complete, so the fire only damages some materials partially. Apart from the flames, firefighting agents such as water also soak into materials causing irreparable damages. Ceiling and wall panel remnants are likely to produce a significant percentage of the debris. Our SERVPRO teams remove ruined materials still attached to frames before embarking on a thorough cleanup process.

Non-functional Utilities

You probably pay little attention to how the power reaches a wall outlet or the air coming out of a vent. When fires are intense enough, they reach the cavities in walls and ceilings where utility lines such as plumbing, power cables, and ducts pass, consuming or damaging them.  Apart from the failure to function, some utility lines might also pose dangers. For example, damages power lines can cause electric shocks. Our SERVPRO technicians turn off main supply lines and remove all the spoiled lines.

Soot Everywhere

As fires burn, smoke movements are almost indiscriminate since they follow convection currents and even closed doors or other similar barriers do not stop the smoke movement. It is therefore common to get soot deposits almost everywhere in the house including on wall surfaces, closets and many other places. Soot bonds with surfaces, so removal requires a combination of both wet and dry cleaning methods. Soot also alters materials through corrosion or staining, so it is essential to respond fast to avoid permanent damage.

Recovering from a fire incident in Belmont, Franklin or Tilton involves tedious work. Call SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518 to help. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Water Removal Franklin–Basement Plumbing Leaks

9/15/2019 (Permalink)

Water pipe leaking, a man trying to fix the plumbing. We can always be there to assist your water damage in Franklin.

Let SERVPRO help with your water removal in your Franklin home.

Plumbing leaks in a basement can go unnoticed for some time primarily when used for storage vs. part of your living space. Many homeowners do not go into their basements that often. Some are used as an occasional games room or even an entertainment area. When a leak occurs, the floor can quickly become covered in several inches of water. Moisture can wick up into the drywall if this space is a finished portion of your Franklin home.

SERVPRO will respond to all water removal situations in Franklin. Whether it is a finished room, partially finished or unfinished, there is water, and your contents are in jeopardy. The first step owners should take after calling us for help is to ensure it is safe to enter the space. Make sure there is no risk of electrocution. Since the water is clean, dealing with contaminants is not a consideration.

We can deploy various pumps to remove the water and then use industrial vacuums to remove water on the floor or in the carpets. SERVPRO can also remove items that may require additional cleaning and drying. These items may be moved to a staging area such as the garage to assess further and determine the best approach to restoring these items to their original condition. Note that restoral of documents and various paper products may not be possible without some lasting damage.

In finished basements with drywall installed on the walls, the water may soak into the drywall and wick above the waterline. The drywall is not salvageable. It is usually cut and removed above the waterline. Removal also enables drying of the wall with the help of air movers and dehumidifiers. We may also use antimicrobial products to prevent the growth of mold.

SERVPRO always attempts to minimize the damage while ensuring your home is dry and ready to be restored. We deal with many different finishes and water leak situations.

Call SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518 for 24/7 serve. We serve the towns of Laconia, Belmont, Tilton, and surrounding areas. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Our Water Removal Strategies Will Save Your Hardwood Floors In Franklin

8/31/2019 (Permalink)

Pooling water on floor near a door Call (603) 527-2518 to schedule a professional water remediation assessment and project planning.

Professional Water Removal Strategies Save Hardwood Floors In Franklin

Although all structural components in your Franklin home can suffer harm after a water loss, floors take a beating. Some recent innovations in flooring materials such as laminates frequently do not survive a soaking, requiring removal and replacement. Traditional hardwood floors, however, are generally more durable, especially if our Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained team of managers and technicians arrive quickly and begin water extraction services as soon as possible.

Professional Assessment and Planning
Our crew leads and project managers assess every project individually, planning water removal for your Franklin residence by evaluating the unique circumstances surrounding the disaster. The quantity of water, length of time since the event, contamination concerns, and migration from the original site are some of the aspects considered. We also look carefully at the type and condition of the materials damaged by the water to determine the next steps.

Moisture Location Devices Clarify the Damage Dimensions
SERVPRO uses sensitive moisture measuring and thermal imaging equipment to sketch out an accurate perimeter of where the water on your hardwood floor eventually migrated. Each plank edge permits moisture to seep down to the subfloor, and water can force its way into building cavities between walls at the baseboards. Once the surface sweep of the water extractors completes, it might seem as though all the water is gone, but the sensors show a different story.

Hardwood Floors Respond Well to Negative Air Pressure Strategy
When water soaks the subfloor, that residual moisture can wick back up, exposing the hardwood surface to the risk of permanent distortion. Cupping, crowning, and buckling are all possible unless the moisture content reduces to normal levels. SERVPRO uses negative air pressure to suction the water from multiple levels of flooring materials. Our technicians place floor mats over areas with high moisture readings and attach the mats to hoses connected to high-efficiency extractors. As the moisture decreases in an area, we reposition the mats until readings indicate the water removal goal is met.

SERVPRO of The Lakes Region utilizes technological advancements in moisture detection and water removal to protect your investment in beautiful hardwood floors. Call (603) 527-2518 to schedule a professional water remediation assessment and project planning.

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Our Mitigation Tips For Restoring Your Home In Belmont After A Flood

8/20/2019 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518 to obtain service from our highly trained team.

Flood Damage Crews In Belmont Present Do-It-Yourself Mitigation Tips

During August, Belmont and the rest of New Hampshire are at risk of getting struck by severe thunderstorms. Stormy weather creates excessive rain and high-speed winds that can be the cause of flood damage on your property. Moisture can leak in from window or door seals as wells as seep in from the ground. If a tree branch or rock gets taken afloat by the wind, it can strike your window or exterior wall.

Once a hole in your structure is present, rainwater can quickly enter your home. As soon as you notice flood damage inside your Belmont house, it is wise to call in a restoration company such as SERVPRO. However, there are many things that you the homeowner can do to help speed up the mitigation process. The initial step you should take once you notice a problem after a storm is to find the source of the leak in your exterior structure.

When you figure out where the water is entering, it is wise to come up with a way to stop it from coming into your house. If the moisture is entering from one or your lower door seals, then it is possible to stop water from entering by placing towels or rags beneath your door. If one of your windows got broken, board it up or seal it off with plastic so that water stops entering.

After repairing the leak in your structure, you need to remove as much moisture as you can while it is still a liquid. For example, if you notice water on your linoleum kitchen floor, use rags or a mop to soak up the moisture. If your carpets get saturated, then you can suck up the water with a wet/dry vac.

The next step our SERVPRO team always takes once all of the liquid H2O is removed from your building is the applied structural drying or ASD process. You can help begin these procedures by helping speed up the natural evaporation and drying process. To start, you can set up fans in the wet areas of your home to create air circulation. Next, increasing the heat inside your house also helps increase drying speed.

If you ever get hit by a vicious storm in Laconia, Franklin, or Gilford, call SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518 to obtain service from our highly trained team.

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When Disaster Strikes Laconia – Here Is Restoration You Can Trust

8/7/2019 (Permalink)

For all your damage restoration needs in Laconia, count on SERVPRO.

For All Types of Disasters, SERVPRO is Here to Help

We are one of the leading restoration firms in the state of New Hampshire. This success stems from our honesty and integrity with home and business owners in Laconia and the surrounding areas. We have grown for close to thirty years, attracting the talents of new technicians, while retaining our quality craftsmanship and insistence on exceeding your expectation every step of the way. We know that disasters do not wait for ideal times to strike, so you can count on our SERVPRO team to help you manage water, fire, storm, and mold loss incidents fast and cost-effectively. 

Storm Damage

With a 24-hour emergency line continuously staffed, there is never a time when our customers are not able to directly reach out to our rapid response team. This information is critical when storm damage affects Laconia properties. With the geographic location of our service area, we are at risk for multiple potential natural disasters from flooding and tornadoes to Nor’easters. 

Because of the severity of many of these situations, evacuations often play a role in keeping Laconia families safe in a time of crisis. We have partnered with the American Red Cross to help in these efforts while simultaneously offering every customer the same efficient and knowledgeable response to the needs of their property in this trying time. We can even address large loss scenarios with the aid of our regional and national partnerships with our parental brand.

Flooding is a typical result of Laconia storm damage, and our SERVPRO professionals have the training and the tools to overcome it. We can quickly assess which machines suit your specific flooding situation, and work to extract this standing water with vacuums, pumps, and other water removal tools. We work quickly to prepare your home for material-saving thorough drying efforts. 

Water Damage

We know that once water loss incidents have occurred, many Laconia residents and business owners do not have the time to shop around for quality restoration services. Making these plans ahead of time can ultimately save time and money on the recovery efforts your property needs. We have advanced practices that address far beyond the immediate extraction and drying concerns of your home to exceed your expectations. 

Even with smaller scale loss incidents, the contents and personal belongings of your home can become at risk for irreparable damages. Especially for items that you consider irreplaceable, it is critical to have a preventative approach to protect these possessions from water damage affecting Laconia properties. Our SERVPRO professionals have unique training to become elite content management technicians that can safely transport items to our nearby facility and utilize the full measure of our equipment and products to help. 

Inside your Laconia home, our professionals work on getting the damage dried immediately. A fast process here can prevent distortion and deterioration of materials, but also reduce or eliminate staining from areas more prone to this response after exposure. We can double-check our successes and progress in the drying of your property with our advanced detectors that can showcase any errant moisture. 

Mold Remediation

We are not a team that is going to have you waiting long for the remediation that your property needs if you have discovered mold damage in your Laconia residence. We understand how vital a fast response is with these situations, as the organism does not slow its progression or destruction without deliberate counteractions. Our professionals have extensive training not only to become knowledgeable Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT) through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), but also in vital secondary endorsements that help in removing the colonization and threat such as Water Restoration (WRT), Applied Structural Drying (ASD), and Commercial Drying (CDT.) 

Identifying the full spread of mold damage can often require specific environmental testing, though visual inspection and other sensory clues like harsh, musty odors can often be a reliable indicator of colonization. Knowing where moisture and dampness are can identify the source of the water damage that allowed the growth, so our technicians utilize high-tech detection tools to pinpoint the most likely points of mold damage in Laconia properties. 

An essential step for remediation, beyond the removal of colonization and its effects on the property, is ensuring that mold growth does not return to your Laconia home or business. With long-term solutions to keep the structure dry and the application of potent antimicrobial agents, we can often reduce the chance of recurrences. 

Fire Damage

Fire loss incidents present substantial levels of risk for all Laconia properties and can become a costly and time-consuming situation to overcome without a fast response from trained professionals. With multiple layers of effects to contend with, our SERVPRO professionals are a wise choice for recovery efforts because of our extensive training through the IICRC in Fire & Smoke Restoration, as well as several other endorsements that can help with premier cleaning during and following mitigation. 

Soot damage is one of the most pressing concerns for any size incident, as this fire damage in Laconia can be a substantial challenge to remove without staining the surface beneath it. Removing this residue is one of the primary objectives of our responding professionals, as failure to address these conditions quickly can lead to them continually getting worse. Removal is not a one-size-fits-all solution, as soot can cling to various types of materials and possessions. Chemical sponges and soda blasting are two useful strategies our team uses to reduce and ultimately eliminate soot presence. 

Because your insurance claims often play a vital role in the recovery of fire damage in Laconia properties, you can find some peace in the close partnerships we have with local and national insurance providers. This union can help to expedite claims processes and quickly meet the demands of these companies to get work started on your home rapidly after a fire. 

There is often no avoiding specific disasters that can threaten the area and your property specifically, but there are well-trained professionals that can help. Let our SERVPRO of The Lakes Region team help you to make any loss situation “Like it never even happened” by calling (603) 527-2518.

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Tips for Success with Fire Damage Remediation in Laconia

7/31/2019 (Permalink)

Whatever help you may need when managing your insurance claim, SERVPRO is there for you! Call us right away after fire damage.

Filing a Damage Claim After Fire Loss in Laconia

Not every homeowner, despite what their policy states, knows how to navigate the red tape and jump through the hoops necessary to file a damage claim for their Laconia property after a fire. With so many potential risks and hazards that exist that threaten the safety of those assessing damage, and the pressing need to get mitigation and recovery efforts started quickly. The longer that effects go unchallenged by competent technicians like our SERVPRO team, the more widespread and destructive they become for the entire household.

Understanding both what to expect from the fire damage in Laconia homes and what your insurance company expects you to do about it can put you on the path to restoring your property entirely. In an already challenging and stressful time, immediately following the extinguishment of the unexpected disaster in your home, most insurance companies are going to tell you that they need proof. This evidence comes in the form of cataloging loss and photographing damages. Depending on the company that provides your coverage, they may insist that this assessment gets performed by trained professionals in the restoration industry.

Our SERVPRO fire restoration specialists have specific training through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in both Fire & Smoke Restoration (FSRT) and Odor Control (OCT.) This continued education in these niches helps us to safely navigate newly compromised homes and businesses to begin the vital assessment that insurance providers require.

Because of our reputation in the area, we have established many partnerships and relationships with local and major insurance providers and companies. These relationships help our professionals to expedite the claims process by quickly accessing the appropriate communication channels to get documentation and evidence to adjusters. We have a direct open dialogue that does not get caught in the red tape.

We are always here to help you and your property after a fire loss incident however you may need. We have extensive experience in damage assessment and mitigation of these emergencies, so you can trust our SERVPRO of The Lakes Region to make it “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (603) 527-2518.

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SERVPRO is the Prescription for Water Damage Remediation in Your Franklin Clinic

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is just what the doctor ordered to remediate water damage quickly in your clinic.

Get Prompt Commercial Water Removal for Your Franklin Medical Office

Medical offices are crucial parts of any community because they assist patients to get well or remain in the healthiest condition possible through routine checkups. When a water loss incident strikes a healthcare facility, it is vital to maintain patient safety and care. Water can ruin medical equipment, records, and x-ray film, among other items. Protection of medications, equipment, chemicals, and elimination of potential hazards is a priority.

Restoring your medical office to full function after water damage is a complicated task that calls for the services of water damage restoration experts. If you need of commercial water removal for your Franklin medical office, SERVPRO franchise professionals can help you get the facility to its preloss state. We have the training, certifications, and experience required to deal with the water intrusion quickly and effectively.

Our Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) have proper training to handle regulated medical waste while complying with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA). If water has damaged medical records completely, we can dispose of them appropriately to protect sensitive patient data and comply with HIPPA regulations.

Many sick patients visit a medical office every day, and it can, therefore, harbor viral pathogens and harmful bacteria colonies. If your medical office is in an older building, it may be subject to moisture build-up. The resulting mold infestation can affect your personnel and patients negatively. Our technicians can help you to eliminate these threats by getting rid of the water and moisture. Our water removal process varies with each situation, but we usually take several steps to restore the affected areas. One step is inspecting the areas to figure out the best way to deal with the issue. Our SERVPRO crews can take thorough documentation of the affected structures and items so that your insurance claims process can be hassle-free. We can also assist you in filling out and submit the required documentation to your insurance provider. The next step is to extract any standing water using pumps or wet/dry vacuums. We move wet items like furniture and office equipment to a dry, safe area.

Our technicians use sophisticated moisture detection equipment like infrared cameras and moisture meters to test the moisture level and check for microbial organisms. Microbes are usually present in any water damage category and can cause one water damage category to deteriorate into a more contaminated category. We can use antimicrobial products to disinfect the affected areas. Drying a building and its contents thoroughly is critical because microbes amplify with time. Our technicians can use state-of-the-art drying and dehumidification equipment to dry your medical office. We can restore your facility efficiently while being mindful of the legal, safety, and health concerns.

If a water loss incident has happened in your medical office in Laconia, Belton or Tilton, call SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518 for prompt water removal services. We can act quickly and effectively to make the incident seem “Like it never even happened.”

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Faster Response Helps Limit Flood Damage in Laconia

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

When rainwater invades your home, count on SERVPRO.

Limit Flood damage with the help of SERVPRO

Even a simple flooding incident can have a significant impact on your home. One way to minimize the effects of flooding is starting mitigation efforts early. Even though flooding may fill a house with water in a few minutes, some aspects of the resulting damage take time to develop. For example, mold takes 24 to 48 hours to start developing. Staining and rust may happen faster, but not within minutes. Part of our professional flood mitigation strategy is a faster response when called to help affected Laconia homeowners. 

Some steps carried out early enough can prevent some aspects of flood damage in Laconia. If the flooding is caused by water from clean sources such as rainwater leaking into the house, it is possible to save contents such as carpets and upholstery, unlike cases involving contaminated groundwater. However, failure to react fast enough can lead to permanent damages such as stains from furniture items and colored fabrics such as area rugs resting close by. Our SERVPRO technicians help save your contents from damage through staining by moving any items that may cause stains. 

Fast response is not a perfect solution for every aspect of flood damage. However, it is possible to reverse some of the adverse effects before they cause permanent damage. For example, our SERVPRO technicians work on any stains found on upholstery or carpets while the items are still wet because removal is easier at such a stage. Also, water extraction and drying help reverse swelling or other related problems affecting wooden materials. 

Microbial growth poses a serious threat after a flooding incident. Microbes develop when water is left to sit over extended periods. Most flooding incidents also involve groundwater, which has various contaminants, including biohazards such as raw sewage, which increase the risk further. Sanitizing the affected areas is essential for the safety of the occupants. Our SERVPRO technicians use professional cleaning agents with antimicrobial properties to stop or limit the growth of microorganisms. 

A faster response makes a huge difference after a flooding incident in Belmont, Franklin, or Tilton. Call SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518 to assist. 

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If Your Belmont Hotel Has A Mold Infestation Our Crew Can Help!

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

At the first sign of commercial mold damage contact SERVPRO of The Lakes Region!

How SERVPRO Turns Around Commercial Mold Damage In A Belmont Hotel

Commercial mold damage can harm a business on several levels, especially the hotel industry, where guests have the assumed assurance of comfort and cleanliness as part of the package. There are possible health effects from mold exposure, and often a foul odor accompanies the growth of mold colonies, which makes it unpleasant for both employees and guests. Plus, the loss of revenue due to closure during remediation can be stressful for property owners.

When SERVPRO works on a hotel in Belmont with commercial mold damage in a guest room, our main goal is to cause as little disruption as possible and get the hotel reopened quickly. It's crucial to identify the cause of colony growth. We look for slow leaks in pipes, poor ventilation, roof or other structural leaks to name a few of the most common reasons.

Once SERVPRO technicians identify the cause, we recommend to the hotel manager or property owner the proper repairs needed to stop this situation from reoccurring in the future after the completion of our remediation efforts. We have stop measures in place to inhibit growth such as our antimicrobial solution and antimicrobial sealer, but repairs to fix the cause of excessive moisture are vital. Our technicians are certified Applied Microbial Remediation Specialist (AMRS), and they possess the knowledge to reduce the effects of mold to near zero.

One of the first actions our technicians do is containment. This setup is designed to halt the spread of spores and consists of an airlock barrier zipper chamber which works to seal off the area from the rest of the hotel. The furnishings in the room are wrapped, pre-cleaned, and cataloged for storage in an on-site pod and returned to their places in the room after we complete remediation.
Then, SERVPRO techs scope the property to ensure we identify the location of all mold colonies and contain the areas around them. It is a commonplace to utilize the services of an Industrial Hygienist to test the air quality and visually identifiable colonies for the presence and type of mold.

Because mold spores range anywhere from 3-100 microns in size, a negative air fan scrubber with HEPA filtration and negative air exhaust fans within the space assist with the capture of airborne spores during remediation of the room. SERVPRO technicians perform abatement on dried colonies by hand-cleaning or in stubborn cases, soda blasting to remove all traces so the hotel can reopen the room for guests safely without any reminders of the mold problem.

At the first sign of commercial mold damage contact SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518, and we can remediate existing mold and inhibit the conditions that caused it, so it is “Like it never even happened.”

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How Professionals Remove Water Damage From Your Franklin Home

7/15/2019 (Permalink)

Broken pipes are a common cause of water damage. Inspect your plumbing often to spot and repair any weaknesses before damage occurs.

Professional Water Removal Operations in Franklin

Despite having the Merrimack River in town, Franklin residents generally see more water damage from failed appliances and plumbing. Fortunately, while flooding from outside the home contains many types of contaminants, the internal water from a dishwasher or cracked inlet pipe is considered clean and easier to deal with by a professional restoration company. 

Franklin home water removal requires the latest in equipment to accomplish the task swiftly and without causing further damage to the residence and any property inside. SERVPRO technicians train to and beyond industry standards to support residents in restoring their homes. 

Most internal water intrusions drop smaller amounts of water than outside flooding. That means, in most cases, technicians begin operations with extraction devices. Smaller than most pumps, these devices are adjustable by the operators and come in a variety of sizes tailored for the needed task. 

For large homes that have much water, but still barely higher than a carpet, SERVPRO personnel can utilize truck mounted extractors. These devices have a collections tank and a generator- or truck-driven vacuum that is excellent for large floor areas to draw water out of carpets and off wood or concrete floors. 

If a home has a very thick carpet, technicians can also use an extractor they can ride on. This device is powered by the residential electrical outlets, or with an outside generator from our equipment inventory. The water collected goes into an external tank on the truck or directly into a sewer access point if one is available. 

For smaller homes and in tight areas like closets, personnel have two smaller devices. The first is a more powerful version of a water vacuum similar to what is available at major retailers. The second is a wearable version that a technician can take anywhere. Both have internal collection tanks and are powered by plugging into the home’s outlets, or into a generator from our equipment inventory placed outside the home. 

For SERVPRO of The Lakes Region, supporting our community and surrounding areas like Laconia, Belmont, Tilton means helping neighbors, and not just customers, to return to their homes as quickly as possible and in a safe, dry environment. To learn more about what we do for your home, call us at (603) 527-2518 today.

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