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How Professionals Remove Water Damage From Your Franklin Home

7/15/2019 (Permalink)

Broken pipes are a common cause of water damage. Inspect your plumbing often to spot and repair any weaknesses before damage occurs.

Professional Water Removal Operations in Franklin

Despite having the Merrimack River in town, Franklin residents generally see more water damage from failed appliances and plumbing. Fortunately, while flooding from outside the home contains many types of contaminants, the internal water from a dishwasher or cracked inlet pipe is considered clean and easier to deal with by a professional restoration company. 

Franklin home water removal requires the latest in equipment to accomplish the task swiftly and without causing further damage to the residence and any property inside. SERVPRO technicians train to and beyond industry standards to support residents in restoring their homes. 

Most internal water intrusions drop smaller amounts of water than outside flooding. That means, in most cases, technicians begin operations with extraction devices. Smaller than most pumps, these devices are adjustable by the operators and come in a variety of sizes tailored for the needed task. 

For large homes that have much water, but still barely higher than a carpet, SERVPRO personnel can utilize truck mounted extractors. These devices have a collections tank and a generator- or truck-driven vacuum that is excellent for large floor areas to draw water out of carpets and off wood or concrete floors. 

If a home has a very thick carpet, technicians can also use an extractor they can ride on. This device is powered by the residential electrical outlets, or with an outside generator from our equipment inventory. The water collected goes into an external tank on the truck or directly into a sewer access point if one is available. 

For smaller homes and in tight areas like closets, personnel have two smaller devices. The first is a more powerful version of a water vacuum similar to what is available at major retailers. The second is a wearable version that a technician can take anywhere. Both have internal collection tanks and are powered by plugging into the home’s outlets, or into a generator from our equipment inventory placed outside the home. 

For SERVPRO of The Lakes Region, supporting our community and surrounding areas like Laconia, Belmont, Tilton means helping neighbors, and not just customers, to return to their homes as quickly as possible and in a safe, dry environment. To learn more about what we do for your home, call us at (603) 527-2518 today.

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Our Specialists Will Assess, Remediate, And Restore Your Laconia Home After A Water Damage Incident

5/30/2019 (Permalink)

For advanced assessment and prevention of property damages, contact SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518.

Remediating High Moisture Content After Water Damage In Laconia

Excess quantities of water in the home can gradually weaken the structure, structural components as well as damaging possessions. Many of the jobs we do assessing and remediating mold are the result of a water issue occurring several weeks or months prior. One of the vital aspects of restoration is the ability to spot potential adverse outcomes and use preventative methods to control as many of them as possible.

We provide local technicians to assess, remediate, and restore your property from water damage in Laconia and the surrounding area. During the assessment phase, a SERVPRO technician can start from the source of damage and work their way outwards to discover where water has migrated. We can remove furnishings and check underneath structural components like fittings during a visual inspection or use moisture sensors to probe soft fabrics like carpets.

Sometimes, water may start in one room of the house and migrate into other areas through structural cavities like wall spaces, ceilings, or subfloor. SERVPRO use thermal imaging cameras to inspect water saturation in the structure of your home. We can also use meters to assess an accurate measure of moisture content inside materials. By taking measurements from different areas of the home, your technician can tailor remediation to your exact situation as well as place barriers in areas that require special attention.

Since water naturally migrates from wet to dry, it can end up pooling inside cavities which in turn can cause significant, or even permanent, damages over time. SERVPRO has structural cavity drying equipment that can help to guard against mold or structural weakening. These equipment are focused on ventilating cavities uses a combination of increasing surface temperatures and lowering air pressure, which encourages evaporation.

Most cavity drying equipment requires access to the cavity itself. We can drill small holes underneath skirting or at the bottom of fittings which can later be filled in. Injectidry systems, for example, can be placed along the bottom of a wall to dry the cavity thoroughly. In situations where creating access points is impossible without causing significant damages, like in tiled flooring, SERVPRO can use drying mats to wick moisture out of a saturated material.

For advanced assessment and prevention of property damages, contact SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518.

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SERVPRO Provides Water Loss Cleanup and Restoration to Portsmouth Properties

3/31/2019 (Permalink)

Moisture Cannot Hide from a SERVPRO Thermal Imaging Camera in a Portsmouth Property.

Portsmouth Water Damage Effects

If you have suffered water damage to your property, you know how important deodorization can be. Water, even after removal, can leave behind foul or sour odors. Many homeowners think that simply mopping up a spill, with no water visible, is the end of the story. Finished? Not always the case.
If your residential property in Portsmouth has been affected by water damage from a busted pipe or a broken appliance, our team can extract the water, dry out all wet zones, disinfect and deodorize so that you and your family can get on with your routines. You can rely on our professional staff to handle the situation professionally and respectfully because we understand that each incident is unique and we aim to leave you satisfied after the final walk-through. "Like it never even happened."
Our SERVPRO technicians first identify the source of the water, by inspecting the property and utilizing moisture meters and infrared camera imaging when needed. Our teams have advanced equipment so they can effectively deal with any water damage situation and restoration. You can relax and feel safe as our team extracts all the water and moisture from your home.

When SERVPRO technicians arrive on the scene, usually within four hours, the green vehicle is stocked with cleaning, deodorizing, and sanitizing products along with a lot of equipment. Neatly stacked are air movers, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, hydroxyl generators, foggers, mops, buckets, squeegees, and much more.

SERVPRO response times are second to none as we adhere to our slogan--We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. Many of our WRT water restoration technicians have IICRC certifications and on-going in-house training to keep up with the latest advances in the water damage cleanup and restoration industry. We are your neighbors and take pride in helping with any water-damaging emergency or even a scheduled cleaning of your carpets.

SERVPRO of The Lakes Region is your solutions provider when unwanted water has invaded your property. We can help 24/7 by calling (603) 433-4300.

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Don't Let One Small Problem Take Over Your Entire Belmont Kitchen

3/12/2019 (Permalink)

Don't let your kitchen turn into this. Call SERVPRO to fix this problem before it gets worse.

Water Cleanup Services for Your Belmont Kitchen After Your Refrigerator Malfunctions

Leaks in your Belmont kitchen do not always come from the dishwasher or sink. A broken refrigerator can cause issues as well, even if it does not have a water dispenser or ice maker. The leak is, fortunately, water, since the coolant in refrigerators is not a liquid but a gas. However, a puddle under the fridge means there is a problem, and it could have been going on for a long time hidden behind the fridge.

By the time you’ve noticed a leaky fridge in your Belmont home, the problem could be much larger than you’d like. Water cleanup services in your Belmont home are your best bet for restoring it back to the way it was. At SERVPRO, we are trained and experienced to handle all kinds of water damage emergencies.

One of the most common issues comes from a blocked defrost drain. It has a small opening and is easily clogged up by ice or food particles, which prevents water which accumulates during the defrost cycle from draining into the pan. As enough water builds up, it begins leaking out onto the floor.

SERVPRO techs need to move the refrigerator out from the wall to determine the amount of water damage. Once any standing water is cleaned up, we can determine how to dry the affected area out. If you have a tile floor, we can use drying mats, which are used when a material cannot be penetrated. We can also use air movers to help us dry the area out faster. All devices used are monitored daily to ensure the fastest drying time.

Occasionally, the drain pan in the bottom of your refrigerator can become cracked, letting water leak. Water inside the pan should usually evaporate before it becomes a concern because of the warm air being blown over the surface from the condenser fan. Check the pan for any damage or cracks, especially if the drain is clear and you see water on any other area of the refrigerator.

A poor connection between the water supply and water filter can create a leak as well. If the filter is installed improperly, is the wrong model or size, or is so old that the seals or housing cracks, water can escape and create an issue.

SERVPRO of The Lakes Region can assist you with a water damage emergency in your kitchen in Franklin, Tilton, or Gilford. Give us a call at (603) 527-2518 as soon as you find the problem so we can come and prevent any further damage.

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We Have Your Back When Your Belmont Bathroom Experiences A Water Damage Disaster

1/19/2019 (Permalink)

If you ever have a plumbing failure occur inside your home, call SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518 24/7.

Water Damage Experts In Belmont Discuss Problems With Bathrooms And Vanities

Any room inside your Belmont home that has pipes running to it is at risk for a plumbing failure. Once water starts leaking out of your pipes, the moisture can start to negatively affect your contents and building materials making it essential that you call in a professional water damage restoration company such as SERVPRO. Plumbing system failures are a leading source of all residential water losses. Plumbing failures cost insurance companies almost 50% more than the second most common source of loss claim. Toilet failures are the second most frequent cause of water damage inside a residential building.

Bathrooms have several drain and supply lines, and it is where toilets are located. Bathrooms are often small areas; therefore when a pipe breaks inside it, extensive water damage in your Belmont home could occur. Bathrooms are also the only room inside your structure that has white, grey and black water sources. Your supply, drain lines, and toilet can all malfunction over time and ruin building materials inside your restroom. Bathrooms also have a lot of tight, confined spaces where moisture can hide. If all of the water in your bathroom is not found and dried out within 48 hours of the original loss, mold can develop in one of the room's many nooks and crannies.

If the source of the loss is a plumbing failure, there is a good chance your bathroom's vanity will get affected. Vanities are the cabinets that hold your bathroom sink up, and they have two supply lines and one drain pipe running in and out of it. All of these lines can break at one time or another, spilling large amounts of moisture into your vanity. If a slow leak develops, it can easily go unnoticed, and mold can grow on the inside of your vanity.

Due to the naturally elevated humidity levels inside your bathroom, mold growth can occur rapidly. To prevent secondary problems like mold, our SERVPRO technicians work fast and utilize specialized equipment and techniques to promptly dry out wet materials. If you ever have a plumbing failure occur inside your home, call SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518 24/7.

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Our Experts Can Help You When Heavy Snow Causes Damage In Your Belmont Home

11/7/2018 (Permalink)

With heavy bouts of snowfall expected intermittently throughout the winter, your home could find itself contending with water damages as well.

Heavy Snow Storms Could Lead To Water Damage In Your Belmont Home

As the winter months approach, Belmont residents prepare for what could be a bitter and snowy portion of the year. Even with precautions in place to protect your home, such as insulating your exposed pipe to prevent freezing and bursting, your property could still be at risk for damages from moisture and dampness.

With heavy bouts of snowfall expected intermittently throughout the winter, your Belmont home could find itself contending with water damages as well. As snow collects in a dense blanket along the roof, it puts a strain on the supports, especially when ice dams form along the edges of the roof to prevent runoff of melting snow when the sun returns to the sky. The added strain to the roof can eventually exploit whatever vulnerabilities exist, allowing water penetration directly or through seeping moisture and dampness.

With moisture affecting your attic space, your home now becomes at risk for mold and microbial growth. Our SERVPRO technicians can help by inspecting suspecting damages internally for the presence of moisture seeping through the roof and into this area of your residence. We have thermal imagery cameras that can detect variations between dry and wet materials to identify penetration points easily.

If moisture gets discovered in any area of your home, our SERVPRO professionals have the advanced equipment to begin drying up the dampness. The longer that saturation occurs in structural components like the roof, the more damage that can occur. We can also spray affected surfaces and other nearby materials with antimicrobial solution to prevent the growth of fungus and mold while drying efforts get underway to eliminate the moisture seeping in from the compromised roof.

While you may go to enormous lengths to prepare your home for the winter months that lie ahead, you cannot account for the circumstances that can lead to damaging your aging roof. For inspections for moisture or mold growth in the attic area of your home or fast response to existing water damages, you can depend on our SERVPRO of The Lakes Region technicians. Give us a call today at (603) 527-2518.

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The Advantages Of Deodorization After Your Belmont Home Experiences A Water Damage Emergency

10/12/2018 (Permalink)

Moist areas create favorable conditions for mold growth.

How Deodorization Benefits Your Belmont Property during Water Damage Restoration

Deodorization during water damage restoration is necessary to address the various sources of odors that remain after the unfortunate water event. If water stays in your building for some time, it can make some organic items to rot and soon the unpleasant smells can develop. Before the deodorization process starts, we have to start by removing the moisture from the building. Here, we are looking at the standard methods of deodorization that our teams use when attending to such incidents in Belmont.

Our SERVPRO technicians have to observe some safety precautions when performing water damage restoration in Belmont. Since most deodorants exist in a gaseous or fog state, we have to be careful when dispersing them and prevent exposure. Our team uses eye protection, wears respirators, and chemical resistant gloves when applying the disinfectants. Since we cannot dispose of some of the chemicals in sewage lines, we have to follow the local and state guidelines when doing such tasks.

We are also careful when choosing the deodorization agents to avoid degrading some of your valuables. For instance, we do not use activated oxygen in damp areas since it might react with moisture and lead to bleaching actions in your wet upholstery or carpets. Some of the thermal fogging deodorization agents are flammable, and their fog may set fire when there is a source of ignition in the surrounding. Also, our SERVPRO technicians make sure that food, plants, unprotected people and pets are not at the site.

Moist areas create favorable conditions for mold growth. We have to dry your items and surfaces after the water incident thoroughly. We can achieve that by running fans, introducing dehumidifiers to absorb moisture from the air, and by adequately ventilating the site. Damp wiping surfaces with disinfectants can also help in sterilization and prevent the possibility of mold growth. If painting is necessary, we can only recommend it once a surface is entirely dry.

Work with SERVPRO of The Lakes Region if you want to feel “Like it never even happened.” We are industry leaders in water damage, mold remediation, storm damage, and fire damage restoration. Call us today at (603) 527-2518 and have all your questions answered.

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Water Cleanup Experts In Belmont Talk About Moving Out Affected Contents

8/30/2018 (Permalink)

When you least expect it, an appliance or pipe can break and flood out your Belmont home.

Water Cleanup Experts

When you least expect it, an appliance or pipe can break and flood out your Belmont home. In some cases, the leak can go unnoticed, and vast amounts of moisture can get into your house requiring that you call SERVPRO for water cleanup. If moisture stays inside a building for too long the problems can get worse and secondary issues can occur. Microbial growth can take place if water cleanup does not happen within two days.

The first step our SERVPRO technicians take when mitigating moisture-related problems is to repair the pipes or appliance. Once the initial problem gets resolved, we can then begin the water cleanup process in Belmont because there will not be any more moisture getting into the structure. Next, the extraction phase occurs. During this stage, we vacuum up any standing water and moisture inside carpet and upholstery.

Once our SERVPRO crew has extracted as much water out of the structure as possible, we then begin the rapid structural drying process. If the damage is severe, we often dry out the contents separately from structural components. Moving out your wet possessions can help us speed up the drying process.

When we feel moving out your contents is necessary we follow a strict protocol to make sure everything gets returned to the room it was originally placed. We start by taking inventory of all of the items we move out. We keep a list of all items that we moved, and we keep track of what rooms from which they came. We mark on the inventory list where we moved the items to whether it is an unaffected area in your home or an off-site location. We also record what condition the item is in including whether it got damaged or wet.

During the move out process, we carefully pack up your items into boxes so that nothing gets destroyed during the move. We then label and tag all of the boxes, so we know what to do with each box of your contents. After the contents are dry out or repaired, we then pack up your items and move them back to where they were inside your house. If you ever realize that some items inside your home have gotten wet, call SERVPRO of The Lakes Region at (603) 527-2518 24/7.

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A Leaky Toilet Can Cause Water Damage to the Structure of Your Laconia Bathroom

7/16/2018 (Permalink)

Leaks Lead to Water Damage in Liconia Bathrooms--Call SERVPRO for Remediation

Moisture and Water Removal by SERVPRO  

Sometimes the plumbing in your home can have a leak that may seem small and insignificant, but that leak can cause water damage over time. A crack in the tank of your toilet may only leak small droplets of water that drip down the side of the structure. The amount can even seem harmless. However, a constant dripping stream that is emptying out a significant volume of water from the tank for weeks on end is never good.

The constant moisture in your Laconia bathroom can cause water damage over time. The exposure can produce mold growth, or it can even warp and crack the tile. Additionally, it can weaken the structural floorboards, so they are not sound anymore. It is essential for you to call for help when you discover a leak in your home or find signs of water damage. The swifter the situation can be handled, the better it can be for the durability of your home.
SERVPRO strives to arrive on the scene as swiftly as possible. We understand that communication is essential, so our first employee to arrive is always our Estimator. The job of an Estimator is to inspect the damage and explain what is happening to you. They can answer any questions and point out possible solutions to the problem. The Estimator can continue to be the link between you and our SERVPRO techs throughout the entire remediation process.
Once our SERVPRO technicians arrive at your home, they can immediately begin to work in your bathroom. They can remove the cracked tile and investigate the structural damage underneath them. We can use tools like moisture meters to get an idea of the levels we are working with and then begin a drying strategy to bring your home back to an acceptable level of moisture.
SERVPRO can use tools such as air movers and dehumidifiers to draw the moisture out of your bathroom. Additionally, we can thoroughly disinfect the area to help prevent future mold issues. Finally, the last thing SERVPRO can do for you is to suggest a contractor who can lay down new tile and also help you find a replacement for your broken toilet.
When a dripping toilet causes water damage inside of your bathroom, never hesitate to call for help. Dial (603) 527-2518 to get in contact with SERVPRO of The Lakes Region. We are always open and ready to take your call, 24/7.

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Aging Copper Pipes Could Spell Water Damage to Your Laconia Home

4/13/2018 (Permalink)

Old Plumbing in Laconia Often Causes Water Damage--Call SERVPRO for Drying Out Your Home

SERVPRO Works Hard to Restore Your Home to Its Pre-Loss Condition After a Water Leak

For as much as indoor plumbing and available treated water has made modern life convenient, this same presence could threaten your Laconia residence. Most homes that have gotten constructed before the last couple of decades likely feature copper piping instead of the PVC options common to modern construction. While this had always been the standard, its malleable nature allowed for ruptures, breaks, leaks, and disconnections.

All of these occurrences could leave your Laconia home reeling from water damages, and wondering how you correct the situation before it can get worse. Fortunately for you, our SERVPRO professionals are always available to help you through even the most severe of restoration needs for your home. We get uniquely trained to handle all manner of effects that could impact your house and the most effective means of remedying these effects in an efficient and cost-saving way.

Our team arrives at your home and begins assessing the full scope of the damage beginning with the source of the water damage. While this current issue with the plumbing in your home requires repair, our priority is getting the dampness and moisture out of these affected areas before more damage occurs to structural components and materials used for the walls, floors, and ceiling of your house
Thermal imagery allows our SERVPRO technicians to see behind walls, under floors and above ceilings to locate water and moisture that cannot get seen with the naked eye. This inspection process ensures that all of the lingering dampness and moisture can get thoroughly dried out so that compounding effects, such as mold growth, do not develop on top of the damage from the water.
Drying the area pairs equipment such as air movers and dehumidifiers. The process could also involve more need-specific tools such as drying mats for floors and our injectidry system for the space between the walls of your home. If available, this system can also help with express drying of hard to reach areas.
While you might only be getting a small piece of the restoration process here, you can see the precise nature of our technicians to fully understand the problem you face and work to correct this damage. If you are combatting water damage in your home, trust SERVPRO of The Lakes Region to help you clean up the mess and get back to your regular life. Give us a call 24/7 at (603) 527-2518.

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Learn To Prevent The Common Causes Of Water Damage In Belmont

2/20/2018 (Permalink)

If you do not remove the water immediately, with time mold flourishes in those crawl spaces and causes structural damage.

Prevent Water Damage

At one time or the other, we may need water damage restoration services irrespective how well we are prepared to combat such situations. It's a big mistake to assume you do not need such services and let things get out of hand. In most cases, these challenges take place gradually and what was a simple leak or stagnant water may make your home to deteriorate.

While we are not able to detect some causes of water damage in Belmont, there are some IICRC certified service providers like SERVPRO can help you to prevent. For instance, if leaves, debris, and branches settle on your flat roof, the chances are that some pressure can result. This pressure can have an impact on the weak points and lead to some slight inward collapse. With time when it rains the water accumulates on top of the roof and soon it finds its way into your house.

The secret to preventing such outcomes is letting our technicians inspect your home from time to time and identify possible areas of concern. We can still help even after the water has found its way into your property since we have the right tools for the job. By using moisture meters and detectors, our SERVPRO technicians are in a position to identify moist areas and implement the drying process.

In most cases, water collects in basements, attics and crawl spaces after heavy rains or flooding. If you do not remove the water immediately, with time mold flourishes in those crawl spaces and causes structural damage. By using portable and truck-mounted water extractors, we do water removal.

It is important to note that our SERVPRO is helpful before and after a water damage incident. In our work, we follow industry standards and sometimes even surpass them. The success of any work usually depends on the timing, therefore, report any incident as soon as it happens.

SERVPRO of The Lakes Region responds faster to any water, storm, fire, mold and storm damage. Call us at (603) 527-2518 at any time for reliable restoration services.

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Trusted Water Damage Restoration Services for Belmont Residents

1/3/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has the skills and training to handle water damage caused by a broken pipe.

Ridding Your Home of the Unpleasant Odors Left Behind by Water Damage

Whether you are experiencing the effects of a faulty sprinkler system, a broken washer hose or broken pipes, many challenges result from any water damage. To limit the resulting damage and salvage some of your contents as a resident of Belmont, you need to work with certified and trained professionals.

Extensive training is required to address water damage in Belmont adequately. Our SERVPRO technicians begin by locating the source of the water, extracting the water and then thoroughly drying your property. Usually, failure to eliminate the moisture may lead to mold infestation and the related health effects.

Even when the water does not fully soil your carpet, it is recommended to clean the entire area. We look at the soiling level as well as the area or contents that need cleaning before choosing the appropriate cleaning agent. For carpets that are lightly soiled, we may use hot water extraction, deluxe preconditioner for moderately soiled carpets and rotary jet extraction for heavily soiled carpets.

Sometimes the moisture may penetrate to the hard to reach areas and cause some content to rot. When rotting takes place, unpleasant odors may result and removal through deodorization is necessary. Our SERVPRO technicians start by identifying what is causing the odor and then remove it. In some cases, one deodorization technique may not be enough to eliminate all the odors, and as a result, we use several methods. Before deodorization starts, pets, food, plants as well as people who do not have the right protective gear are advised to leave the site.

The use of activated oxygen, wet fogging, and dry fogging are some of the methods used during deodorization. Our IICRC-certified technicians wear safety equipment when doing the restoration since some of the deodorization agents are chemicals which if inhaled might cause health effects. That is why you always see them in respirators and chemical resistant gloves.

SERVPRO of The Lakes Region offers trusted fire, mold, storm and water damage restoration services. Call us at (603) 527-2518 to be served by an industry leader.

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SERVPRO's Legendary Personnel Shine in Belmont Water Damage Jobs

11/13/2017 (Permalink)

Drips in Belmont Properties Can Lead to Severe Water Damage--Call SERVPRO

Belmont Properties Benefit from Restoration After a Water Damaging Event

We know that significant water damage to your Belmont home can be tough for your family to deal with and adapt to. SERVPRO aims not only to repair any damage done but also make the entire restoration process as easy as possible for you. Core to this goal is our team of representatives and technicians, who are famed throughout the country for their friendly attitudes and willingness to help. We pride ourselves on our well-qualified, dependable, and approachable staff, and guarantee friendly and professional service to you for the entire duration of a cleanup project.
You may notice our friendly service starting right from your first water damage call in Belmont or other local communities. Live representatives are ready to answer your call and resolve problems on a 24/7 basis and can advise you on safety and mitigation protocols for you and your family. Within hours of that first contact, our technicians arrive on-site and begin their mitigation work. While time is of the essence in this stage, our personnel is always courteous and professional, if concise. In these early hours, we focus on speed and efficacy, but always make sure to keep your needs and reservations in mind.
Once restorations are well underway, our reputation for outstanding service really begins to shine. Our technicians are happy to explain their methods and assist you wherever possible. We also make sure to maintain active and robust communications with both you and your insurance provider to allow smooth and easy understanding between all parties. If you ever feel that our work infringes too much on your home and property, let us know, and we can adjust our workings to suit your needs better. Be sure to reciprocate; SERVPRO technicians appreciate nothing more than a cold glass of water and "thank-you" on the job site.
SERVPRO of The Lakes Region is a local provider of restoration and repair services for water, fire, mold, and other forms of damage to your home. Call us 24/7 at (603) 527-2518.

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Second Story Bathroom Leaks Quickly Cause Water Damage to Laconia Homes

9/15/2017 (Permalink)

Water that is splashed out of an upstairs tub by pets or children could show up months later in stains in your downstairs ceiling.

Second Story Water Damage Requires Professional Services

From the slightest bit of water that overflows from a boisterous child taking a bath to a broken water line that streams water down the inside of a wall, second story water events can spell disastrous results. Laconia residents can often tell when this happens with an overabundance of water on the floor, but an inside leak can remain hidden until visible damage begins to show itself on the exterior of walls or on the ceilings in lower floors.

Our dedicated and competent SERVPRO employees maintain their readiness 24/7, so Laconia homeowners faced with water damage have experts on their side. Maintaining certifications from the IICRC in Applied Structural Drying (ASD), we have the training needed to respond to any water emergency. Also, any area of your home that becomes saturated with water is at risk until dry. This is why we keep the tools and the equipment ready to respond to your water emergencies – every minute counts, and at SERVPRO, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

The floor plans from one story in your home differ from others to make the best use of the space within your home. However, this sometimes means that water lines remain enclosed within walls directly over the ceilings of lower levels. When a water line's joint comes undone inside a wall, the water released must come down. Flooding your ceiling and springing through can happen in a short time. Water splashed over the top of the tub can show up months later in stained ceilings downstairs. Both of these situations need professional and skilled mitigation by experienced technicians.

After our employees complete all of the physical work, our Odor Control Technician (OCT) begins where removal of water and any damaged materials and subsequent cleaning left off. More than only using a deodorizing spray, we know how odor forms, so we eliminate it where it begins. Our process uses methods that are safe in the presence of people, plants, and carpeting.

SERVPRO of The Lakes Region can be contacted by calling (603) 527-2518. We are always here to take your call and restore your home, no matter the size or complexity of your water damage incident.

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Laconia Water Damage Restoration Has Different Options

5/8/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage in Laconia Homes Rely on SERVPRO for Drying and Restoring

SERVPRO Technically Deals with Damages Caused by Water to Your Property in Laconia

Ordinary cleaning services are not up to the challenge of restoration when significant amounts of water harm your home. Water can linger, and secondary damage can occur, exposing your house to permanent problems. SERVPRO offers the trained staff, powerful equipment, and industry leading practices to deliver the best result.
A phone call distracts, and a relaxing bath instead becomes a crisis, the overflow causing water damage to both levels of your Laconia home. Clean up is not completed with a bucket and mop as the water leaks through the bathroom floor and soaks the ceiling and wall below. A call for our comprehensive services removes the water and reverses the deterioration caused by the seepage through building materials.
SERVPRO’s ASD, applied structural drying technicians, arrive swiftly, ready to begin a series of tasks proven to restore your bathroom and the area below to their preloss condition. Our fully equipped trucks hold the tools necessary to extract any water remaining in the bathroom and to initiate and complete necessary drying.
Powerful air movers accelerate the drying of walls, ceiling, and floor. We look carefully at the soaked materials, particularly drywall, to check for crumbling. If insulation is present and wet we typically recommend replacement as it is inexpensive to switch out and challenging and time consuming to dry completely. Water saturated insulation typically also mats and flattens out, losing the ability to function as desired. Other structures that appear solid, yet damp, receive the drying treatment. Measurements of moisture content guide the length of time the air movers and dehumidifiers work. The latter equipment are matched to the required performance and may be LGR, low-grain refrigerated units, or gel-based ones to capture and remove air moisture. Occasionally we add heated air to the mix to reduce the moisture within the affected areas.
Properly dried structures and fixtures and installations, such as carpets, are cleaned of any residue as one of the final steps taken by our crew. Touch ups with paint and inspections to ensure trim, floors, and walls or ceilings are free of buckling and gaping help us keep our pledge to leave your premises "Like it never even happened."  SERVPRO stands by this mission statement, helping you retake control of your life after this mistake.
Homeowners in the know contact SERVPRO of The Lakes Region when water damage strikes. One call to (603) 527-2518 gets our experienced team in motion to restore your home.

Hidden Moisture = Big Headaches

11/29/2016 (Permalink)

This finished basement flooded but with the TEAM from SERVPRO onsite immediately it was restored back to normal in days.

All to often homeowners are told "it's just a little water, clean it up yourself". Sometimes advise like that can create BIG HEADACHES!!! Moisture that seeps deep into wall cavities and sub-flooring can cause mold to develop if not dried out properly and potentially cost thousands of dollars in unnecessary clean up down the road. Let the Professionals from SERVPRO evaluate your home or business and make sure that all the moisture has been addressed giving you peace of mind knowing that it has been taken care of in the most detailed manner. You will receive documentation proving that the property has been returned to its original state. Next time you experience a water damage to your home or business call the TEAM that does it all. SERVPRO "Like It Never Even Happened".