Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Significant Attic Fire Damage in Laconia

The electrical fire in the attic spread through the trusses, ceiling, and the high points of the walls requiring plenty of demolition and cleanup. Once SERVPRO techs clean out a safe work environment, then the process of deodorizing and sanitizing can begin before a rebuild. By working swiftly many personal possessions and building elements can be salvaged. Count on us.

Laconia Fire Cleanup

Security is often needed after a fire has compromised the structure of buildings in the Laconia region. Pretty obvious here that SERVPRO supplied the plywood for protection against the elements, vermin, and vandals.

Laconia Smoke and Soot Damage

Some house fires, depending on the fuel that burned, can leave a lot of sooty residues on the surfaces of the interior and foul odors. When a Laconia home suffers from fire damage, SERVPRO is often the company of choice to provide a professional cleanup and restoration service. Why settle for less?

Franklin Smoke Damaged Kitchen

The smokey residue from the kitchen fire in this Franklin home coated the entire structure. Special chemical sponges can wipe up most of the greasy soot. Hydroxyl generators and thermal fogging can eliminate the malodorous smells.

Fire Damage from a Commercial Building in Laconia

This small maintenance factory was not kept clean enough from debris, and a small fire ignited and did some damage. SERVPRO has the experience and resources to clean up the mess and deodorize the ambient air and the ventilation system. Call on the professionals for professional results.

Smoke & Fire Residue in a Belmont Home

The frying pan in this Belmont house ignited and filled the space with a smelly, oily smoke. The wipe down using special dry sponge hand tools, after a light vacuum, was the preferred way of cleanup. Odor control was also a major restoration need. Count on SERVPRO.