Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Damage Repair In Belmont

When your property experiences significant water damage you need a professional restoration company like SERVPRO to assist you. We will respond fast and quickly begin the restoration process. SERVPRO of The Lakes Region has the advanced equipment and specialized training to handle any size disaster.

Water Damage - Belmont Home

Water damage soaked the drywall and carpeting of this Belmont home. The owners knew they could not thoroughly clean and dry the water damage, so they sought out professional help. SERVPRO of the Lakes Region highly trained and certified technicians would cover the clothing in this closet to protect them from moisture absorption while the remediation was being carried out. The wet materials would then be removed, and water would be suctioned up from the carpeting. Commercial air movers and dehumidifiers would be used to help dry the carpeting and the wall cavities.

Water Damaged Carpet in Laconia

By cutting out and discarding a portion of the carpeting, the remainder can be salvaged in a Laconia house. SERVPRO can dry out the concrete pad from the leaking bathroom shut-off valve and prepare the floor for new material.

Water Damage – Belmont

Water damage in Belmont is not always visible to the naked eye. Water can exist behind walls and in the subflooring. That is why SERVPRO of The Lakes Region employs hi-tech equipment to locate any hidden pockets of water or moisture. Pictured is an example of an infrared camera used by our technicians to locate difficult to find moisture.

Water Damage Repair In Laconia

Dealing with the aftermath of a water damage incident can be a daunting task. Water can damage your property within minutes. Our team at SERVPRO will respond quickly and begin the restoration process immediately. We have the equipment and training to handle any size disaster. Contact us today!

Laconia Water Damage to a Basement

The semi-finished basement in a Laconia home suffered water intrusion resulting in damage to the concrete floor and some furnishings. By calling SERVPRO techs in the water can be quickly removed from the pad and dehumidifiers can start the drying out process. Timing is critical, make the call fast!